How to Stabilize Shaky Videos in iMovie

Many home videos are unstable and too shaky to watch because the camera shook a bit while you were recording. Fortunately, you can smooth out playback in your shaky video clips by stabilizing them in iMovie. iMovie can help you analyze every single frame in the video clip and once it finds that a camera motion is a bit out when recording, it will rotate your videos to remove the shakes.

Follow these steps to stabilize your shaky video clips using iMovie so as to make a good home movie.

Step 1. Choose a video clip

Choose a video clip either from the Event browser or project. You can apply the Analyze for stabilization to the whole event or just to the video clips you want to apply. You can stabilize the video clips first, and then drag them to the project or stabilize the video clips in the project. You can go to File > Analyze Video > Stabilization from the iMovie menu to stabilize the video.

This choice means you want to stabilize the entire Event clip, since the process is very complicated and your Event clip is large, it may take a long time to stabilize the shaky videos. You can also double click the Event and an inspector shows up, from where you can stabilize the entire Event.

tabilize shaky videos

If you want to analyze only some video clips in your project, you can double-click a video clip in the project to open the inspector, and then select "Smooth clip motion."

how to stabilize iMovie videos

Step 2. Start stabilizing the shaky videos

When iMovie start to analyze and stabilize the shaky videos, the below window will appear. The time this process takes depends on the video length. The time will be longer if the video is longer.

When you play analyzed video from the Event Browser, it plays originally without smoothing the clip motion. Only if you play the videos in the project browser will it show with the stabilization.

Tips: Usually a red squiggly line underlines the video to show that this video was too shaky to stabilize. To play a clip stabilized in a project, you should remove all the parts underlined with a red squiggly line.

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Yes, iMovie can meet you needs. BTW, if you have a new iMac, you''ll find iMovie has already been bundled with it.
Hi, im new here and want some advise. I am not sure to purchase this software, i need some zoom and stabilization image program,. Is this what i need?
Hi, Tyler, this maybe the error with your original file. Can you play this file with QuickTime or iTunes smoothly?
Hi, Jet. Just uncheck "Smooth clip motion" option instead.
This is great. I have a clip that was imported that was stabilized by the camera. How do I turn this off?
I have a question perhaps you can help, Some of my clips dont seem to be shaky, but they glitch, and while it plays, the video freezes and starts up again in a different spot, sometimes more than once making it appear glitchy, i smoothed the clips, nothing, and it wont let me convert them. "error -43" whatever that means.
Hi, Clovis, you can try this: Use the markers underneath the playhead and drag these markers to highlight the shaky portion of video that you want to remove. The selected portion will be marked in yellow. After that, click on "Delete" to trash your marked yellow portion from your project. Now the parts before and after it will be kept as separate clips, and you can organize the video clips to create your home movie now.
Hi I'd like to know how to remove the stabilization from my current project. It's made the footage 'jerky'. Thanks. Clovis.
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