How to do iMovie Green Screen on Mac/iPhone/iPad

A ‘Green Screen’ effect is when you cut out the subject from within a recorded video made using a green or blue backdrop and then superimpose it onto another video clip. An example would be if you were to record yourself as scared in front of a green background and then place that video on a clip that shows a lion running towards you. Sounds amazing, right?

This is the same technology that many big budget movies are made within which the actors are shown doing dare devil stunts such as jumping from tall buildings or vehicles at high speed. Nonetheless, I am here to tell you that now you can also make a Green Screen movie of yours using iMovie. Let us take a quick look at the steps involved in this process.

Part 1: How to do iMovie Green Screen on Mac

Step 1: Record a video using a well lit, solid green background and then save it on your Mac. Ensure to have a moment at the end of the recording that doesn’t have the subject in the frame as it tells iMovie, what is to be cut out for the video to be superimposed.

Step 2: Launch the iMovie app on your Mac and start a new project.

iMovie for Mac

Step 3: Ensure that the Advanced Tools are switched on.

how to use the green screen

Step 4: From the Project browser, choose the video you had recorded with the green background, you can select the entire clip or just a particular frame range). As soon as you drag this selection over any of the clips in your project, be it just a color clip, an animated clip or any other video that you want it to be superimposed to, a popup window will open up. Select the option of ‘Green Screen’ from this new window.

imove green screen

Step 5: You will see that the Green Screen clip would now appear above the background clip that you want to use on your project. To adjust the effect, simply drag the 4 corners to change the frames of the clip. When you have finished making these changes, click on the 'Done' button to save the iMovie Green Screen effect.

iMovie Green Screen effect

Your video clip is now ready to be played with the Green Screen effect.

Part 2: How to do iMovie Green Screen on iPhone/iPad

In order to make a Green Screen video on iPhone or iPad, you will need a Green Screen app in addition to iMovie. For this guide, we will be using one of the best Green Screen apps out there, the Green Screen Movie FX. You can download it from here.

Step 1: To begin recording, stand in front of a green background or screen.

imovie green screen on iphone

Step 2: Now, launch the Green Screen Movie FX app on your iPhone or iPad and hit the record button. To fill the Green Screen in the background with any one of the preset options of live clips such as fireworks or clouds with mountains, simply tap on the green portion in your iPhone or iPad screen. See the image below that shows how the app changes the background with various clips.

imovie green screen on ipad

Step 3: Once you have recorded the video as you had wanted, hit the Record button again to stop recording. The app will automatically save the file for you. To access your recording, click on the Settings icon on the top right hand corner of the app window.

video editor on iphone

Step 4: Now, you can import this video to your computer for more editing to give it a polished look using iMovie.

edit imove green screen

Step 5: Once done, you are ready to share the awesome video you created using the Green Screen effect with the rest of the world.

Part 3: What is ‘Green Screen’ effect?

As mentioned earlier in the article, Green Screen effect is when you cut out the subject from one video made with a green or blue backdrop and superimpose it onto another video clip to make a new video altogether. Many big budget movies are made using the same technology. Here are some of the best Green Screen effect video samples that you can find over the internet.

Example 1 -

Just a video that showcases the power and many uses of the ‘Green Screen’ effect.

green screen effec

Example 2 -

Video showcasing the behind the scenes shooting of the popular Superman movie, Man of Steel.

How to Use iMovie Green Screen Effect

Example 3 -

See how the famous scene of the Matrix was shot with Keanu Reeves avoiding many bullets.

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