iMovie Trailers: How to Create Movie Trailers in iMovie

iMovie comes with the new feature of movie trailers which enables you to make Hollywood like home videos with ease. Many people think creating movie trailers in iMovie is difficult. In fact, it is easy to create a movie trailer in iMovie. Simply select from one of the 15 movie templates, complete an outline and choose the video clips for the storyboard. Follow the steps to create your own movie trailer in iMovie.

Step 1. Create a new project and choose a trailer template

Go to File > New Project to start a new project. In the Project Themes window, select a movie trailer theme. You can preview the theme in the right by double-click it. Here you can customize the trailer project name, set the aspect ratio and frame rate of the movie trailer theme.

A brief info of the movie trailer template and how many cast members it features appear below the viewer, which can help you decide which movie trailer template to use.

After the settings, hit "Create" to start to create a movie trailer in iMovie.

imovie movie trailer

Step 2. Complete movie trailer outline in iMovie

Fill in the information, such as movie name, date, etc on the iMovie outline tab. Just click the existing name or words and type new text to add your information. Please make sure no blanks are left. You should fill in all the information because iMovie incorporates what you type in the fields into the trailer.

imovie movie trailer

Step 3. Drag video clips to the storyboard

Click the Storyboard to add your video and text. Drag and drop your video clips from the Event browser onto the placeholders to make a movie trailer in iMovie. You can replace the placeholder text with your own as you like. Just click it and type your own text over it.

Tip: If you've already imported movies into iMovie, you can select it from the Event Library. If you haven't added videos to iMovie yet, go to File > Import > Import Movies to load movies to iMovie. But you may find some video formats are not supported by iMovie since iMovie only support some MP4, MOV and M4V file, and you will need a Mac Video Converter to convert the videos to iMovie supported videos first.

imovie movie trailer

Step 4. Set the shot list

Now, go to the Shot List tab. Drag the video clips you want to be included in your movie trailer to the placeholder. iMovie will automatically set your clips to the correct size to fit in the trailer.

imovie movie trailer

Step 5. Watch and share your movie trailer

Click one of the play buttons in the upper right corner of the Project browser. Full screen preview is also available.

imovie movie trailer

When you are satisfied with your movie trailer, you can output is or share to YouTube, MobileMe, Vimeo, Facebook, CNN, etc. directly to share good videos with more people around the world. Or save the project to your Mac for viewing on your portable devices.

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