Capture and Record Your iPhone Screen

If you have an iPhone and want to share the screen on your PC, especially for screen recording purpose. For example, you want to show people a how-to video tutorial about iPhone apps, here is a smooth solution to control your iPhone under Windows. Just follow this guide to do the iPhone screen capture.

What you need

Veency: VNC Server for iPhone
DemoCreator: Screen recorder for Windows
And make sure your iPhone has been jailbroken.

How to record iPhone screen

1 Download and install Veency on your iPhone

iphone screen capture

2 Download and install VNC client

Download and install VNC client (take TightVNC as example) on your PC.

3 Run VNC Viewer and do as following

Run VNC Viewer and it will ask you for typing your iPhone IP address in. You can find it in Settings -> Wifi. Click the icon on your selected Wifi Network to display the IP address. Leave other settings as default and click Connect.

record iphone screen

Then back to your iPhone and you will notice a remote control request from VNC client. Click Accept and there will be a VNC connection icon at the top-right corner on your iPhone screen.

iphone screen recorder

Now you can see your iPhone screen on your computer. There will be a small virtual mouse and you can control your iPhone with your mouse remotely. Here are the controls:

  • Left click: touch screen, and holding the button while moving is like swiping.
  • Middle click: lock button
  • Right click: menu button
  • Keyboard: keyboard so you can make faster text typing with your keyboard compared with touch-typing.

3 Download and run DemoCreator

Open iPhone screen recorder DemoCreator, and choose Application and pick up VNC client in the pull-down menu. Click Next and you will see a 3-2-1 countdown to start recording your screen on iPhone.

Press F10 when you complete to record screen on iphone. You can preview your video, edit it with built-in video editor or publish it as video output and share it on YouTube or your blog.

Tips about iPhone screen capture

Since the remote screen sharing depends on Wifi and does not require any cable, the frame rate of the video is about 15 FPS, so it is little bit hard to record games. If you want to record screencast about how to use apps or other onscreen activities which require lesser FPS, Veency plus DemoCreator will be a decent choice.

Presently, you cannot set any VNC password on Veency. And to disable Veency, you can only disable Wifi or just uninstall the program.

Download Win Version

They're downloading



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Awesome post! Thanks for the help. Try Acethinker iPhone screen recorder. It will do exactly what you need. I use it to make screen recordings of my apps. It uses AirPlay and has a built in recorder that captures picture and sound.
Thanks for the info! It''s really helpful.
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