Where and How to Publish eBooks

Have created a book and want to publish it online, but do not know how and where to publish it? Now there are many platforms that offer services to publish eBooks. You can access some famous platforms, like Amazon, easily. Additionally, if your story is interesting and you publish it in proper format and with an arresting image cover, I am pretty sure that people are going to like it. Here in this article, I will recommend you top 3 platforms to publish your eBook as well as some tips for arranging or decorating the eBook.

Where to publish an eBook?

Amazon Digital Text Platform (DTP)

Amazon.com could be the biggest and most prestigious place to publish eBooks and thousands of people are looking for or purchasing eBooks from Amazon every hour. After you publish your eBook here, you might make profits in a short time if you've really created an appealing story. Amazon Digital Text Platform is Amazon's eBook publishing platform. You can directly upload your eBook from DTP after you sign up an Amazon account.

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Barnes & Noble's Publt! Site

As it is known to all, Barnes & Noble online store is another famous place to get and sell eBooks. It offers a section, PubIt!, where you can directly upload your eBook to Barnes & Noble eBooks store and distribute your story to millions of reader. Of course, you need to create an account too.

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Apple iBooks Store

Apple iPad is a big hit in the eBook reader market right now. It is said that more than 28 million iPads were sold in 2011. It is very likely because of this that iBooks store becomes the top eBook store for iPad users to buy eBooks. You can via iTunes Connect to upload your eBooks to iBooks Store. The royalty rate is 70 percent.

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Though you find the best platform to publish your eBooks, you might fail to reach the expected effect because of details, like the eBook formats. Here are some tips for how to publish eBooks.

How to publish eBooks properly?

First, you should make sure the format of your eBooks is proper. If you're going to upload you eBook to Amazon, you should use Calibre to convert eBook to MOBI, AZW or Text. But do not miss the fact that now EPUB format is the most popular eBook format. It could be accepted by smartphones, Nook, Sony Reader, Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, etc. You'd better off making your eBook in EPUB format.

Second, make an attractive cover for your eBook. Everything starts with the cover image. You should design an eye-catching, professional-looking cover for your eBook.

To create a wonderful EPUB eBook with a beautiful cover, you can try Wondershare MePub. It is a professional EPUB Builder to create EPUB books from the original .doc, .pdf, .html, .txt, .chm, etc. documents. Here are the simple steps to create an EPUB e-book with MePub.

  • Download and install Wondershare MePub
  • Download win version Download mac version

  • Launch MePub, fill in the basic information of you eBook , set the layout and output settings.
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  • Click the cover to import the beautiful image you've prepared as the eBook cover.
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  • Click the Add content button to import the eBook content. As I have mentioned that content from PDF (.pdf), MS Word (.doc/.docx), Txt (.txt), Html (.html/.htm/.xhtml), Chm (.chm), EPUB (.epub), Images (//.bmp//.tiff)) could all be created into EPUB format."
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Watch the Video Tutorial to Make an EPUB Book to Publish

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