Main Approaches to Play PowerPoint Presenations on iPad

iPad is not perfect, but it is the hottest product nowadays. With its light weight, moderate size, bright vibrant screen, durable battery life, and plenty of available apps, many people are pleased to purchase iPads for work or entertainment. Do you have many PowerPoint presentations you want to play on your iPad (iPad 2 included)? As iPad isn't able to play PowerPoint directly, you may need to change the presentation to make it compatible with iPad. Do you worry about how can you play PowerPoint presentation on iPad? This post will guide you 4 ways to share PowerPoint on iPad.

Convert PowerPoint presentation to video format for playing on iPad

iPad provides good support for video playback. By converting your PowerPoint presentation to video format, you will be able to play the PowerPoint slideshow on your iPad easily. There are many ways converting PowerPoint to video, and I will suggest Wondershare PPT2Video to you for converting PowerPoint to iPad compatible video file formats (.mp4, .mov, and .avi).

Steps for converting PowerPoint presentation to iPad video format:

1. Download Wondershare PPT2Video and install it on your computer, and this converter is the first PowerPoint 2010 to video converter. 2. Launch the PowerPoint to Video converter and import the PowerPoint presentations into the program. You can import up to 12 presentations at one time. Click Next. 3. Choose the output format and customize the video settings including resolution, playback, layout and sound setting. Click Next. 4. Select the output folder and click START button to convert PowerPoint presentation to iPad video in minutes.

Pros: The converted iPad video can keep the dynamic effects such as animations, transitions, sounds, movie clips in your presentation. Cons: A shareware you need to download in order to convert PowerPoint to video for playing PowerPoint on iPad.

Upload your PowerPoint presentation to YouTube for iPad

If you want to share your presentation with more people who have iPads, upload the presentation to YouTube after converting PowerPoint to video file is a good idea. iPad can drive YouTube and most other web videos, so you can upload your video to YouTube. With your iPad, you can directly take the YouTube app and start watching the videos uploaded there. Whenever you play YouTube on your iPad, it automatically connects to the Internet if the Wi-Fi or 3G is enabled.

Pros: 1. The presentation with animations and multimedia files can be viewed on YouTube app. 2. With YouTube app, you can view PowerPoint presentation on iPad directly. Cons: 1. The PowerPoint presentation needs to be converted to video format and uploaded to YouTube first. 2. iPad must be connected to the Internet.

View your PowerPoint presentation on iPad as pictures

Pictures can be viewed on your iPad with a slideshow photo viewer. Saving your slides as pictures and view the pictures on iPad can be an alternative way to view the presentation.

Steps for viewing PowerPoint presentation on iPad as pictures:

1. Start up PowerPoint, and open up the presentation. Click the Office button (PowerPoint 2007) or File | Save As | Other Formats. 2. At the pop-up window, select the Save As type, choose *.jpg, and click Save. When PowerPoint asks whether you want to export all slides, select Every Slide. 3. Now you can import the slide pictures to your iPad. Go to your iTunes, select File | Preferences, in the iPad tab, and choose Photos to add in the slides from the specified folder. Click OK for sync.

Pros: No the third party tool needed. Cons: Everything including multimedia clips, animations, and transition in PowerPoint will get lost.

View PowerPoint presentation on iPad as PDF file

The iPad allows you to view PDF files that are sent as attachments via email in the Mail application. Just simply download the attachment, click it to run, and then enjoy the PDF files.

Besides, there are many free PowerPoint to PDF converter you can use such as Wondershare PPT to PDF Converter. Pros: The mail application is the build-in PDF viewing. Cons: All the animations, transitions, the audio and video clips will disappear.

Enjoy viewing your PowerPoint presentation on iPad with these methods.

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Dec 20,2013 18:03 pm / Posted by Emily Xiao to iPad

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Thanks for your tips. Fortunately, it is now possible to display presentation on ipad without any conversion. There are plenty of apps for displaying ppt but I recommend you (assuming that if you want to display ppt it is because you’re using your ipad as a work tool) to find a business app that includes this feature. Personally I use a powerful all-in-one app called Beesy ( ), it allows displaying of ppt with the possibility to add comments for you to see in your ipad during the presentation. (It has many other features, the major one being a smart note taking feature that automatically updates your calendar, to-dos and projects).
How about apps that display the presentations without any conversion necessary e.g. QuickOffice or SlideShark. These are the two we use here at - but I'm sure there are lots more out there. You could also use something like SlideShare to embed the presentation in a website, and then show it via that.
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