Where to Find DivX Movies and How to Play DivX Videos

This article is divided into two parts: Where to watch and download DivX movies and DivX video players to play DivX videos.

Part 1. Where to Watch and Download DivX Movies

Since online videos are mainly DivX movies, so the question is where to find them. Find your favorite movies in the DivX® format from the providers listed below. Simply pick your movie, follow the instructions to buy or rent the film and enjoy it on your computer or any DivX Certified® device.

Film Fresh - Available in the United States
Warner Video Live- Only Available in France
INA - Available in France
Channel Films - Available in the UK & Ireland
Clic Movies - Available in France & Belgium
Tai Seng - Available in the United States & Canada
L'Harmattan TV - Available in France

Part 2. DivX Video Players to Play DivX Videos

Once you have DivX movies downloaded, you need a player then. Here are the most popular ways to play DivX videos:

DivX Video Player 1. DivX 7 for Windows

Obviously the most recommended way to play .divx files is to download DivX 7 for Windows from DivX Inc. It includes the codec installation which is needed to decode and display the video and also a player that can take advantage of the DMF (DivX Media Format) container extras.

divx video player

Download the DivX 7 for Windows from AfterDawn.com at: http://www.afterdawn.com/software/video_software/codecs_and_filters/divx_play.cfm

With the download of the DivX Codec, you also will have a DivX Player installed. This should be able to handle your .divx files right out of the box now.

DivX Video Player 2. VLC Player

With the VLC player, you can enjoy your DivX multimedia files quickly. The player directly supports the common video and audio you will find in DivX files, such as DivX video itself, AC3 audio and MP3 audio, all without the need for DirectShow filters or special codec to be installed. If you are looking for a quick solution then this is certainly it.

play divx movies

You can get VLC for Windows from here.

DivX Video Player 3. Windows Media Player

Technically you can play .divx files in Windows Media Player, but only the video and main audio. The DMF container has maintained some backwards-compatibility with AVI, so if you have the DivX Codec installed (or FFDShow filters), then it should work just fine with Windows Media Player. To test, simply open Windows Media Player and click Now Playing. Drag the divx file into the player and it should attempt to play it (if it warns about the file extension, permit it to play the file anyway).

play divx videos

Download Windows Media Player by clicking here.

Note: If you need to convert and burn DivX or XviD files to DVD, Wondershare DVD Creator is a very workable tool. And if you want to convert the Xvid videos for playback on iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc., you can refer to Wondershare Video Converter

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