Add Scrapbook Clip art to Retouch Your Scrapbookings

What is Clipart and what can it do?

Clipart is a kind of pre-made image used to illustrate most of creations. It's widely used as both still and animated picture now, to decorate scrapbook, slideshow or other photo related creations, and even for commercial projects. Clipart comes in many forms, both electronic and printed. However, most Clipart today is created, distributed, and used in an electronic form. In digital scrapbook, it's easy to use scrapbook clip art to embellish your scrapbooks, making them much funnier and more fantastic.

Always, we are looking for scrapbook resources sites to retrieve great clip art for retouching our scrapbook. Here Wondershare Photo Collage Maker is embedded in lots of free scrapbooking clipart for photo collage decoration, including alphabets clipart, costume clip art, bubble clip art, cartoon clip art and cliparts for any occasion, such as wedding, graduation, party, birthday, holiday, etc. Now please follow the easy steps to add clipart to your digital scrapbook.

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Step 1: Go to Clipart Tab

Run on photo collage maker to add photos which you would like to add clip art first, and then switch to Decorate page by choose Clipart Tab.

Step 2: Choose scrapbook clip art

Find the clipart you want among various clipart categories, such as Cartoon, Customize, Dress, Events, Mark, Other Occasions and Art Text.

Step 3: Add clipart to photo scrapbook

Directly drag wanted clipart to photo scrapbook or simply double-click to add clipart to current photo collage. Then you can move the scrapbook clip art to anywhere you like.

Step 4: Edit scrapbook clip art

If you like, you can simply rotate, flip and resize scrapbooking clipart by clicking the buttons around.

Scrapbooking Clipart Tips:
1. To remove clip art from scrapbook, just press Del key after a clip art is selected. Otherwise, right-click clip art and select "Delete layer" to remove clip art you don't need anymore.
2. You can rotate, lock and delete an added clip art, and apply photo effect to it, you can also click and drag it to the place where you want it to be.

Download Mac Version

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