How to Add Music to PowerPoint

Wanna add background music to a PowerPoint presentation or insert a piece of song into a PPT? I've done it many times before. A little music can make the difference when you want people to enjoy your presentation. Here I'll share with you how to put music on PowerPoint. 

Prep work:

You need to select the music beforehand. Ok, I know that sometimes it is hard to find and buy the song in online store. Here's a trick. Get free music or other audio from video or radio by using Wondershare streaming audio recorder. It's an automatic audio recorder that acts as a virtual sound card on your computer. Whenever you play the song on the Internet, you can record and save it as MP3 file. After you've got the tunes,  the next step is placing it into your PowerPoint presentation. IMPORTANT:  This article applies to Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007.

1. Add music to PowerPoint

Open the Presentation with Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 and find the slide where you want to insert music. Then Go to Insert menu on the ribbon, navigate to Sound> Sound from File…., then browse your computer, find and add music to the PowerPoint--Then click OK.

add music to ppt

Now a prompt will ask you to choose how could the music be played, either automatically or when clicked. Select one you prefer.

After that, an icon of a speaker could appear on the slide. You can drag it to the place that appropriately.

2. Adjust the effect

As I have mentioned, sometimes you might need to play the music from the begging to the end as background music or play it across multiple slides. In that case, you need to set its effect.

add music to ppt

Go to Animation>Custom Animation, then the settings could appear in the right size. Now click you can set the either the music start time or start slide, the end time, end slide.

As you've seen the Play Sound dialogue box, you can also set the sound, timing.

That's it! That's the process of adding music into PowerPoint.

Note: If you're going to play the PowerPoint on another computer, you need to copy both the PPT and the music to that computer. Otherwise, the PowerPoint might lose the sound.

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