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Western Digital Data Recovery: How to Restore Files on WD Hard Disk Drive

Data lost from Western Digital hard drive!

  • Mistakenly deleted important files on your WD hard disk, and couldn't reclaim them from the Recycle Bin in Windows or the Trash in Mac. Any way to restore those deleted files on WD hard disk?
  • Accidentally formatted the WD hard drive and forget to back up some very important files. Is it possible to restore deleted files due to formatting?
  • WD hard drive corrupted due to sudden power failure. WD drive became inaccessible! How to restore the files on the WD hard drive?

How to do Western Digital hard drive recovery?

If you've backed up the content of your WD hard drive, you can easily to restore it or just copy it to your disk. If not, then you need a WD hard drive data recovery helping you find back all lost files. Wondershare Data Recovery can be a nice choice. This easy-to-use data recovery is suitable for all computer users, and can be u different file loss situations on Western Digital hard drive.
For those Mac OS X users, turn to Wondershare data recovery for mac, which is available for Mavericks now.

Download win version Download mac version

It is pretty simple to finish the recovery task. Just install the data recovery software on your computer (with the right version), start the 3-step recovery process and you can restore lost files at great ease.

4 steps to recover Western Digital hard drive data

Step 1 Connect your Western Digital hard drive with your computer and launch Wondershare Data Recovery installed on it.

Western digital hard drive recovery

Step 2Choose the file type that you're going to retrieve from your Western Digital external hard drive.

Western digital hard drive data recovery

Step 3 Select your Western Digital hard drive and click "Next" to let the program scan files on it.

Western digital hard drive files recovery

Step 4 Preview and restore data from your Western Digital hard drive

You can mark files you want to recover from your Western Digital hard drive and click "Recover" to save them to your computer.

Western digital hard drive data recovery

Caution: when you are recover your WD files, it is advisable to save the recovered files to another hard disk or storage device in case the source files are overwritten.

Video tutorial of Western Digital data recovery

Why is Western Digital data recovery possible?

Yes, it is! No matter the files are deleted from your Western Digital hard drive due to accidental deletion or formatting, even virus attack. The files are not deleted permanently as a matter of fact. When you delete files from the external, they will bypass the Recycle Bin or Trash Bin as there is no recycling function on wd external hard drive. But the files are still intact there on the disk of your WD hard drive, and simply the space where those files occupied is now marked as available to be overwritten. Formatting is also similar. As long as the space is not overwritten, it is highly possible to restore them from your Western Digital hard drive.

Download win version Download mac version

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Product-related questions? Speak directly to our Support Team >>

I downloaded the trial version of Wondershare Data Recovery. It shows the WD External drive but once I run the scan I get this error: "No drive found. Please reinsert the external storage media and scan again."
It means that your WD My Book Live external drive is broken. You can try to recover files only when your external drive can be recognized by this program.
To give more information, I''m looking for videos, I click ''browse'', and the drive I mapped doesn''t come up. Only my local drives are there.
Hmm... I''m very lost here. The software doesn''t see my WD My Book Live external drive. Since I didn''t actually -do- anything, I''m not sure what I could have done wrong... any ideas?
Hi, you should find an extra hard drive to save all the files you''re going to recover. Don''t save them to your WD any more.
The amount of data on my WD Element is greater than my hard drive. Will I need to buy a new external HD on which to download recovered data when I buy the full version of Wondershare. the trial version detected my files, although my laptop no longer recognizes the WD.
Hi, you should put it in another hard drive, not the original drive. Please contact our support team to submit more information about this accident.
I Accidentally formatted my WD. I successfully view the file on scan but when I recovered it it corrupt all. What I do is Scan then recover to put in another hard drive but it zero kb files. Do I need to put to original drive then it will be ok?
I used this software to recover a large number of files I accidentally deleted. The scan preview indicated all of my files were probably corrupt. Each had a red dot to the left of the title. I performed the recovery anyway and all files (office docs, graphics, and .pdfs) were restored and not corrupt. My restore was 100% successful. Good to learn there is a hidden Recycle Bin on the WD external drives.
The trial version is for you to scan your device so as to check how many of your lost files can be recovered. if you want to recover lost files, you need to purchase the full version of Wondershare Data Recovery program.
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