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How to Get Back Files from Seagate external hard drive

Help! Lost data from Seagate hard disk!

I accidentally deleted all old  files on my Seagate external hard drive; I really need to recover those files, any good suggestion?

As the biggest supplier of digital storage in the world, Seagate dedicates to make external hard drive with high quality and capacity for companies and ordinary people, and many people choose it. However, the Seagate external hard drive owners also can't avoid the data loss disaster due to known and unknown reasons.

How to perform Seagate file recovery

The files you think they have been lost due to deleting or formatting are actually still somewhere on your disk. Because the space the files occupy is only marked as "available to reuse" and the files become invisible. With a professional Seagate data recovery, it's very easy to get them all back. Once encountering this, what you should do at the first time is stopping write new data into your disk, or the lost data would be overwritten.

To perform a Seagate hard drive recovery, we'd like to introduce you the Wondershare Data Recovery for Windows users, for Mac users, Wondershare data recovery for mac (available for Mavericks). No matter the files are lost due to virus attack, formation, corruption, deletion or some other reasons, if they are not physically damaged, this program can help to retrieve them all quickly and safely.

Download win version Download mac version

 Free download the right version of data recovery, install and run it on your computer. Here let's take the Windows version in detailed steps below.

seagate file recovery

Step 1 Choose the file type for recovery

When the program launched, it goes to Wizard recovery mode as default, where you only need to answer two simple questions to perform your Seagate file recovery. The first is to choose the file type that you want to retrieve from your hard drive. BTW, if you choose the Standard Mode, you can achieve the same recovering result by choosing "Lost File Recovery". But the Wizard mode is recommended.

seagate data recovery

Step 2 Choose the external removable devices

 Choose the "External removable devices" as the source disk for data recovery, and continue to "Next".

seagate hard drive recovery

Note: When start scanning, check "Enable Deep Scan", which can help you find back lost file more completely.

Step 3 Preview and recover data from Seagate

When the scanning completes, all the recoverable files are listed in the scanning result in file types. You can preview them one by one and check those you want to recover.

seagate file recovery


1. Before recovering, you can use the "Filter" to search your important file's name to find it out if there are lots of files scanned out. It can save you much time.
2. When save recovered files, remember to save them on your computer hard drive or another external removable device, but not the Seagate hard drive where you lost your data, for safe considering.

Video tutorial of Seagate file recovery

Download win version Download mac version

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R Ferguson
i have recoverd files from seagate external dick and saved them to my PC (New Folder) can I now transfer them back to the seagate drive
Hi, I'm really sorry, but have to say that to recover files from the hard disk, you should firstly make sure it is can be recognized by your computer as a hard disk, which means there should be a USB connected displayed on your computer.
Hi Selena, This is Rajib here I bought a 1TB Seagate hard disk 8 months back, I was using it for my past 8 years work backup, but from few days when I plugged it in the computer it didn't work it just keep on blinking but not even showing that there is a USB connected. I went to Seagate service center, but they said that data will not able recover only hard disk will get replaced, I am really in trouble with my past work back. I am assuming that it is dead, but it is blinking. If there is any way I can get it back my past work back up. I don't see anything on my laptop or desktop.. All I see is just a blue lighting on it blinking. Please suggest me how I can get my data recovery... my e-mail id: rdmgroup01@gmail.com
Hi, the program introduced above is used to recover lost or delete files, not including encrypted files. You should find some kind of software that will help you crack the password. Sorry!
how bout encrypted files? i noticed after updating seagate manager, i can't open the encryption folder however i check the drive itself and the folder is still there along with the files. But seagate manager is asking me to make a new one. whenever i input the old password nothing happens. so can i still recover the files? and how to decrypt them? its so frustrating and seagate isn't giving me any help whatsoever.
You can download a trial version of Wondershare Data Recovery to scan your hard disk. After scanning, you'll see how much of your lost data can be recovered. Then you can get the full version to recover them.
Hi Selena, I tried to encrypt my seagate free agent 500 GB Hard disc drive. (Actually I want to protect it from unauthorized use) I just took the disc back from my cabinate for some use yesterday, but it seems that someone has tried to take the data and have deleted all the content of the same. or I may sound silly will this - I guess, since I have formatted my computer few days back, the Hard disc is not showing the data on my computer (Though the disc says that only 4 MB data is there) Could you please tell me that how could I retrieve my data - can i do it through some recovery software?? - Please help as the data is very very important for me. Regards KD
I'm sorry but this is only a data recovery program. It's not able to restore the directory of Goflex.
My files exisir on my Seagate Goflex 1 terabyte Win 7. external drive. The directory is not available to windows. I know the handles are gone. In doing a search for files on the disk they show uo with the file and folder location. Can your program rebuild, or restore the directory (handles) to the Goflex so that it will again be usable?
If you want to get that external hard drive back to normal, I guess you need to find a service center to fix it. Talking about recovering data from it, you can download a trial version of Wondershare Data Recovery and run it on your computer. If that hard drive can be detected, data on it can be retrieved.
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