How to Use DVD Creator

Burn any video, audio or image format to DVD in no time. Store your favorite Hollywood Movies or make your own masterpiece.

After the download and installation of Wondershare’s trial version of DVD Creator, you can simply follow the steps below in order to make and burn your DVD.

Part 1:  Import Videos/Photos

Click ‘Import’ to add video/photo files onto the program. Added files will then be displayed as a medium size icon or ‘thumbnail’ on the left hand side of the screen. Alternatively, you can ‘click-and-drag’ to drop your video/photo files from its folder. Please repeat the steps if you wish to add more files.

DVD Creator guide

Part 2: Edit Videos/Photos

Click the ‘Pencil’ icon or highlight and then ‘right-click’ to access it’s editing options.

Editing Videos:

Other classic editing options like rotate, crop, trim, contrast, brightness and saturation adjustments still remains and thanks to the built-in media player, you can view the changes made instantly! On top of that, there’s also additional editing features such as ‘Enhance’, ‘Trim’, ‘Watermark’, and ‘Subtitle’ for you to explore.

 DVD Creator - edit video

Editing Photos:

Besides being able to rotate the photos the way you like it to be, you can add text, apply transition effects as well as music!

 DVD Creator guide - edit photo

Add Music to Photos: Select the ‘Music’ tab and then click onto   to add music files to the photos as background. The music can be trimmed according to personal preference.

 DVD Creator guide - edit photo

Part 3: Customize DVD’s Template & Menu

In the ‘Menu’ tab, you’ll find an option to download more templates, ranging from Holiday themes to Family as well as Nature. So, if you couldn’t find any suitable templates from those built-in ones, you can always click  DVD Creator guide - menu to download more!

 DVD Creator guide - menu

After that, it’s time for you to choose and decide on those final touches to personalize your DVD…what background and music would you like? Do you want to insert some text on the Menu’s screen? Or you’ll like to customize your Chapter’s thumbnail?

 DVD Creator guide - customize menu

Customize Thumbnails: Click on the thumbnail to highlight and then ‘right-click’ to access its options. Alternatively, click on the thumbnail and then select the personalization options listed on the bottom of the screen. You can either use the frame of the video as the thumbnail’s image or select your own through checking the ‘use other image’ box.

 DVD Creator guide - customize menu

Part 4: Preview your DVD creation before you burn it

You can now view your DVD creation through clicking on the ‘Preview’ tab. If you’re not happy with it, you can always go back to make some changes.

 DVD Creator guide - preview

Part 5: Preset your DVD’s Setting before burning

Apart from copying it to a physical DVD, you can also save it as a softcopy in an ISO format file. Now, let’s sit back and enjoy your newly produced DVD!

 DVD Creator guide - burn



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