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How to Use DemoCreator

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Wondershare DemoCreator is a powerful screen recorder that records your on-screen activities and generates compelling demo movies. With DemoCreator, it is easy for you to create interactive presentations, software simulations, tutorials and product demonstrations.

Please follow this walkthrough guide to record your demo with DemoCreator.

Record | Edit | Publish



1. Start Wondershare DemoCreator. Once open, click New Record, or click on Record button on the toolbar.

Launch DemoCreator

2. Select the recording area by clicking and dragging the green rectangle. You can change to Full screen recording or adjust the recording area to fit the particular application window in the drop down menu.

Select recording area

Record application option

3. Wondershare DemoCreator offers three recording modes. Full Motion can record all the changes on the screen. Screen Shot can capture the on-screen activity based on mouse clicks and keystrokes. And with Manual recording mode, you can take screenshots by pressing F7 while recording.

Select recording mode

4. Click the Audio drop down arrow to select the audio resources you are going to record from. To test the audio, click on the Audio icon to open the setting menu.

Audio settings

5. When you are ready, click the red REC button to start recording. There will be 3-second countdown for making good preparation before recording. 

Count 3, F10 to stop

6. To stop recording press F10 on the keyboard, or double click on the DemoCreator icon in the task bar.

DemoCreator icon

7. When you stop your recording, a window opens and you can preview your demo, edit your recording, or save the project, or directly produce your demo as video.

Finish guide



This step is optional and can be skipped. You can pick up some chapters which you want to know to edit your demo. Or you may just go to preview and publish your demo movie.

Add Objects

Add objects

You can add some interactive shapes and objects to decorate the demo. Choose an object from the "Drawing" tab, draw it by dragging the mouse on scene panel. YYou can add text, rotate 90 degree, change style, set action and more for the objects.

Add Flash Animation

Add Flash animation

Click Flash button and choose Flash animation in the menu, you can import your Flash animation (.SWF) from your computer by clicking the "More" button.

Import Image

Import image

To import image or use pictures in Picture Library, click on Image button and select options from the drop down menu. You can also insert the captured pictures to the current screen directly by choosing Capture Image.

Add Animation to Object

Add Animation to Object

In DemoCreator 3.5 you can add animation for the selected objects in Animation tag. Choose one object then click on the animation icon and select one effect. You can preview the animation when finish.

Insert Zoom

Add Zoom object

You can emphasize the important steps or contents by adding Zoom effect. Click on Zoom button in the Home tab, you can see a red frame area which will be zoomed in. You can customize the position, the scale and duration of the selected zoom frame.

Add Audio

Add Audio

Click the Sound button in the Home tab to open the Audio Editor. You can record, import, mute and trim narration or sound.



There are many formats including Flash movie and various video formats you can choose for you publishing. Select one that fits your need and share your screen recording with others.

1. Click the Publish button on the Home tab to preview your video. If you are satisfied with it, click the format that you want to publish. Flash movie (.swf) is the recommended formats that can be share on multiple browsers.

Publish options

2. Select an output format in the drop down menu. And you may change the dimensions for the output movie.

Publlish settings

3. Click OK to begin rendering your video and save your project. Rendering time varies and depends on video length, output format, computer hardware, etc.

4. When video rendering is finished, select "View the demo movie" to preview or choose "Open output folder" to check the video file out.



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