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How to Create Fireworks Animated GIFs - Top 3 ways

Most of us like to remark on memorable moments. Well creating fireworks animated GIFs is not so complex and by following the guides mentioned below you can accomplish this task with no efforts. Sharing the animated fireworks GIF is of a lot of fun, and you won't want to miss the tutorial on how to make them in this post. A section of a video taken from a fireworks display, whether online, offline or live, you could use them, pictures too, to make the fireworks animated GIFs.

Create Fireworks GIF - Firework GIF

Part 1: Best Way to Create Fireworks Animated GIFs - Wondershare AllMyTube & TunesGo Retro

Wondershare AllMyTube

This is a great and amazing program that gives you the ability to make your own GIFs and spread them as memes. With this software you are able to make GIFs in two helpful ways, including downloading then converting online video, and recording then converting video. In this part, the former method will be introduced. To make a better understanding of this program, users can read the key features of this program below.

Free DownloadFree Download

Key Features
  • Recording - Users can record a part of the video and convert it to GIF
  • Clear Interface - The program has a simplified user interface
  • Editing - Edit the frame rate of the video to make a best quality of converted GIF
  • Various file formats - It supports to convert more than 150 kinds of video files to GIF

How to Create Fireworks Animated GIFs Using Wondershare AllMyTube

Step 1: Download, install, and launch the software. Then go to the video sharing site and find the video you need. After that, copy the video URL.

Create Fireworks GIF - Copy Video URL

Step 2: Click the Paste URL button in the program, and the software will analyze the video URL and download the video.

Create Fireworks GIF - Paste Video URl

Step 3: When the download is finished, click the Convert button beside the video to convert it to GIF.

Create Fireworks GIF - Convert Video to GIF

Wondershare TunesGo Retro

Unlike Wondershare AllMyTube, this software is specifically designed for iOS devices and has now the feature for making animated GIFs, too. This software comes with a lot of other features especially for someone who would like to be able to manage their iOS devices without iTunes. The following part will introduce the key features of Wondershare TunesGo Retro, and of course, it will also introduce how to create fireworks animated GIF with this software.

Free DownloadFree Download

Key Features
  • Image/live photo Conversion - With this software you can create GIFs from static photos or Live photos.
  • Supported OS - This software is a boon for iOS users as it is not only compatible with iOS or Mac but also with Windows and other operating systems
  • Ease of Use - The software has a clear and smooth interface that lets you navigate through easily to make your GIF

How to Create Fireworks Animated GIFs Using Wondershare TunesGo Retro

The following tutorial will introduce how to make your fireworks animated GIF with this program.

Step 1: Launch the software and connect you iPhone to your PC with USB cable, and let the software discover you phone.

Create Fireworks GIF - Connect iPhone

Step 2: Select Photos and choose the images you want to convert, and then click the GIF Maker option at the upper right corner.

Create Fireworks GIF - Select Images

Step 3: A dialog will pop up. Choose a target folder on your compuer to save the converted GIF, and click Create GIF at the bottom of the dialog.

Create Fireworks GIF - Convert GIF

Step 4: When the conversion is finished, you'll be able to locate the converted GIF in the target folder.

Create Fireworks GIF - Locate Converted GIF

Part 2: Create Fireworks Animated GIFs Using GIMP

This is one among the few remarkable software available for making a GIF. This software has good reviews too and is recommended for making quality images in GIF format.

Key Features
  • Pictures to GIF - This software enables you to make a GIF from your images.
  • Video editing - This is also the same as making a GIF from a video you already have. One could also make GIFs from YouTube and even webcam live recordings.
  • Supported File formats - This software comes in handy when one wants to share the GIFs and the image quality of the GIF is also good.
  • Sleek interface - With this software one is able to navigate through easily and comfortably.

Download link:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Content-aware move and patch
  • Faster performance
  • Powerful video editing and adjustment
  • Improved auto-correct
  • Stuck with a watermark if you don't create an account or sign in
  • One can't add text captions on the animation
  • No control over the size of the finished animation or the speed of the animation when converting a video. You only get speed control when uploading your own images or using a Webcam.
  • Doesn't work with iCloud
  • New selective focus tools

Create Fireworks GIF - GIMP

Part 3: Create Fireworks Animated GIFs Online with MakeaGIF

This is considerably, one significantly used software that is so sleek and easy to use. It supports almost all kinds of conversions and is also fast and very effective. With this software much of the work is simplified and you only rely on this online tool to make a GIF.

Key Features
  • Pictures to GIF - Making a GIF from a picture/image online has never been simpler with this software.
  • Webcam to GIF - This is a one of a kind software that enables you to make GIF by the use of your webcam recording.
  • You Tube to GIF generator - This is one software that is sleekly compatible with YouTube and has the perks of making GIF from it online or while streaming on YouTube.
  • Video Editing - With this online tool comes more perks such as making GIFs from all your videos whether online or offline and whichever kind of video, so as to produce a GIF.

Website Link:

  • Quick and easy to work on
  • Exquisite interface
  • Countable data brief (high rankings)
  • Numerous sub-domain traffic shares
  • New selective focus tools
  • You're stuck with a watermark if you don't create an account or sign in

Create Fireworks GIF - MakeaGIF

Now that you have these 3 wonderful methods of creating a fireworks animated GIFs, it is time to be done with the usual and boring ways of wishing friends and family, and instead add some color and fun to it by using animated GIFs.

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