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How To Create 3D Animated GIF Images - Top 3 Ways

Incredibly, sharing GIFs seem to be a humorous way to make our life more fun. 3D Animated GIFs are somewhat different but formed or created in the same ways as other GIFs. With 3D animated GIFs, one has the freedom to create all what they desire and probably also put it in a continuous loop on the internet for the masses. This is one great way to relax and have fun with friends especially on the social and interactive sites.

Create 3D GIF - Create 3D Animated GIF

Part 1: Best Way to Create 3D Animated GIFs

Wondershare AllMyTube - Recommended for Converting Video to GIF

We are delighted to enlighten you of this wonderful program that lets you create your own GIFs and has separately advanced features that are suitable for other purposes as well. Wondershare AllMyTube is a unique and exquisite program that has many perks and suitable for creating 3D animated GIFs in two different ways.

Free DownloadFree Download

Key Features of Wondershare AllMyTube
  • Video Editing - With this software you are able to make GIFs from videos whether online or offline and in two different methods: 1. By editing the period of the video to make your GIF; 2. By editing the frequency waves for making your GIF.
  • Supports different file formats - With this software you are able to use offline videos and images to create GIFs.
  • Exquisite interface - The interface of this software is simple and clear.

How to create 3D Animated GIFs using Wondershare AllMyTube

Method 1. This is done by changing the file format to GIF.

Step 1: Start Wondershare AllMyTube and go to the video sharing site to find the videos you would like to make GIFs from. This could be from online, let's say, YouTube.

Create 3D GIF - Find Video

Step 2: Download these videos. This could be done in either of two ways, by either pasting the URL or hitting the download button and immediately it begins to download.

Create 3D GIF - Download Video

Step 3: When the videos are downloaded to the Finished section, you can click the Convert button beside the video to convert it to GIF.

Create 3D GIF - Convert GIF

Method 2. This is done by recording the video.

Step 1: Launch the software, and click the Record Video button.

Step 2: You could take a short recording that will continually be looping as a GIF or convert the recorded video to GIF format.

Create 3D GIF - Record Video

Wondershare TunesGo Retro - Recommended for Converting Images to GIF

Wondershare TunesGo Retro is a remarkable and worthwhile iOS manager that is compatible with both Mac and Windows. This software is also suitable for making 3D animated GIFs. By learning the key features of this program, and the guide on how to create 3D animated GIF with TunesGo Retro, people will be able to handle the software manage the GIF conversion within seconds.

Free DownloadFree Download

Key Features of Wondershare TunesGo Retro
  • Picture Editing -With the software you have the ability to make GIFs from images/photos.
  • File Formats - The software supports conversion to various file formats including GIF.
  • Sleek Interface - The software has simplified user interface and is easy to navigate through and use.

How to create 3D animated GIFs using Wondershare TunesGo Retro

In the following guide, we willusing the images in our iPhone to create the GIF.

Step 1: After downloading and installing the software, launch it and connect you iPhone to your PC unit.

Create 3D GIF - Start TunesGo

Step 2: Select the images that you would like to make the GIF and click the GIF Maker option at the upper right corner.

Create 3D GIF - Select Images

Step 3: A pop-up dialog should appear and ask you to choose a target folder. Click Create GIF after choosing target. Then the software will start converting images to GIF.

Create 3D GIF - Choose Target

Step 4: When the conversion is done, you'll be able to view the converted GIF in the target folder.

Create 3D GIF - Locate Converted GIF

Part 2: Create 3D Animated GIFs Using Easy GIF Animator

Among the many recommended software for easy GIF creation, Easy GIF Animator is one of a kind and stands out from the rest as it precisely deals with 3D GIF creation. The software is available online and could also be purchased for a one-time fee of roughly $20.

Key Features
  • Animated text effects - The software has built in text effect assistant.
  • Image effect generator - This software comes with some perks such as cool transitions and visual effects.
  • Image editor - The software offers some very powerful editing tool such as,
  • Resize GIF animation
  • Crop GIF animation
  • Reverse animation or part
  • Automatic GIF image optimization
  • Integrated image web search

Download Link:

  • Create animated banners, buttons, cartoons and pictures
  • Modify animation frames or draw new pictures
  • Create and manage transparent areas of your image
  • Save animations in SWF format with background sound
  • Easily add transition and visual effects
  • Selective focus tools
  • Stuck with a watermark if you don't create an account or sign in
  • Create 3D GIF - Easy GIF Animator

Part 3: Create 3D animated GIFs online with MakeaGIF

MakeaGIF is a great and interesting online tool that assists one when making a GIF. With so many inbuilt features, this is a great and interesting website to use.

Key Features
  • Pictures to GIF - With the website one is able to create their own GIFs from their own selection of images.
  • Video Editing - With this online tool comes the ability to create GIFs from both online and offline videos.
  • Webcam to GIF - With the use of your webcam and this online tool could come some cool 3D animated creation.
  • Ease of use - The software has a very simple, clear and easy to use interface.

Website Link:

  • Quick and easy to work on
  • Exquisite interface
  • Countable data brief (high rankings)
  • Numerous sub-domain traffic shares
  • New selective focus tools
  • You're stuck with a watermark if you don't create an account or sign in

Create 3D GIF - MakeaGIF

With the above 3 options, you are never to be left behind when it comes to surprising your family and friends on various occasions with cleverly crafted 3D animated GIFs. Feel free to comment on what do you think is the best way to create 3D animated GIFs and if there are other ways that you find more easy to use.

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