How to Create a Gallery Slideshow in iWeb

iWeb, part of iLife application suite in Mac (Mac OS X 10.8 included) by Apple, is the "What you see if what you get" website creation and web page editing software. It does exactly what it claims - WYSIWYG even when inserting a photo slideshow gallery. Now see how to create an iWeb slideshow step by step in this article.

Part 1: Make an iWeb Slideshow in Flash

Via Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory, an easy to use photo slideshow maker for Mac (Mountain Lion included), you can quickly and easily create an awesome slideshow gallery from some stunning 2D or 3D templates. When a slideshow is created, it's also easy to embed into your iWeb pages. Follow these steps below to insert a slideshow to iWeb pages.

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  1. Create a new iWeb page by File > New Page
  2. Select "HTML Snippet" from the "Insert" menu to open the "HTML Snippet" window.
  3. Paste the embedding code you got from the application into the HTML Snippet window and click the "Apply" button.

After that, you will see the iWeb slideshow then and it's ready to be publish online using the built-in iWeb publish tool.

Here is an iWeb slideshow example.


Part 2:Create a Gallery in iWeb and Play as Slideshow

Note: This method to insert a slideshow in iWeb is convenient and it's a good way to share your photos with your website visitors. But the options are limited and it's a timewasting thing when you want to share a large number of photos. 

1.Open iWeb and select File > New Page to add a page to your exsited site. If you just start using iWeb, you need to select a template for your website before create a new webpage.

2.In the webpage template windows, select a template for your webpage. Here we select Photos as example. Click Choose.

3.A default page will be created with photos and texts placeholder. Open Media Browser (View > Show Media) and go to Photo tab to drag and drop photos to the photo placeholder. A photo grid dialog will appear. There you can decide how your iWeb gallery will look like, through options such as columns, photos per page, caption lines, and so on.

4.Open Inspector to make settings to iWeb slideshow. While the photo grid is select, just click the Inspector button to open Inspector dialog and switch to Slideshow tab.

iweb slideshow settings

5.First check Enable slideshow option if it doesn't. The most important thing is to select transition for slideshow which control the way how one photo changes to another in the iWeb slideshow. Also give your iWeb slideshow reflection or captions to make it more elegant.

6.Click Publish Site to add a new page with slideshow to your website on MobileMe or wherever you specified in the Site settings. To preview your iWeb slideshow with Safari, you need select "Publish to Local Folder".

Download Win Version

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