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How to Create a GIF Slideshow

What's GIF? GIF Animation or Slideshow?

GIF, one of the most widely used image formats, stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It has efficient compression to deliver smaller file size for sharing over internet. It also supports transparent background so that you can see through the area of GIF image rather than blocking by an annoyed background. But GIF only support 256 colors. That's why you will get a poor quality of GIF file when converting other format to GIF.

GIF is the only images format that suports animation which displays different images one after another in the specified time. This is similar to the concept of slideshow. But GIF animation is only a simple (if it's) slideshow without transition effects and with fast speed.

How to Make a High Quality GIF Slideshow

Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory is easy to use GIF slideshow software to turn unlimited images to slideshows in the high quality Flash format. You could customize the duration of each photo in order to decide the slideshow transition speed. The supported image formats include GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, etc.

Compared to GIF slideshow online maker, Flash Gallery Factory is another way to show off your photos online and share photo memories online with family and friends. It allows you to turn photos into dazzling photo slideshow or photo gallery in clicks. Get a free trial today.

Download Win Version

  1. Drag and drop your photos to the gif slideshow making software
  2. Select a 2D or 3D gif slideshow template from many
  3. Publish the gif slideshow to share with your friends and family
GIF Photo Slideshow

How to Make a GIF Animation File Online

Many online GIF animated slideshow maker allows you to upload images in various formats and create GIF image for free. My favroit GIF slideshow generator is Gifup. It not only lets you create a GIF image from computer file and online file, but also animates your webcam images. The create GIF image could even be shared on computer, Facebook, Twitter, and almost anywhere. It's totally free GIF animation slideshow creator.

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