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How to Fix hal.dll Missing Error

What's Hal.dll?

Hal.dll means Hardware Abstraction Layer Dynamic-link Library. It is an operating system file (usually under C:WINDOWSsystem32 folder) that links the hardware and software components of a computer. With Hal.dll file, the operating system could operate with a hardware device.

Why Is Hal.dll Missing?

Hal.dll missing error message will present due to following reasons:

1. Naturally damaged

2. Deleted or moved accidentally from its original destination.

3. A damaged or corrupted boot.ini file.

4. The hard drive is physically damaged.

5. Hal.dll does not exist in Windows Vista, Windows 7 or later Windows systems, but if your Master Boot Record (MBR) has changed to the type that compatible with Windows XP or previous, the MBR will still search hard drive for hal.dll, and if it's not there, a Hal.dll missing error message will occur.

How to Fix Hal.dll Missing error?

Firstly make sure your boot.ini file is available and there are no mistakes in it. If you still could not boot up your computer with a prompt saying "Hal.dll is missing", you could try to repair your hard drive MBR and fix Hal.dll missing error with Wondershare LiveBoot. It is a powerful tool to boot up any computer, no matter no matter what caused its crash. This LiveBoot allows you to boot up Windows system with CD/DVD or usb drive.

Step 1. Create bootable CD/DVD or usb drive with Liveboot (easy operations).

Step 2. Insert the CD, DVD or usb drive, and start your computer.

Step 3. Choose "Boot from LiveBoot" on the Boot Menu to enter the system.

Step 4. Select "Windows Recovery" and click Boot File Recovery to fix hal.dll missing error.

boot file recovery

Step 5. When Boot File Recovery complete, restart your computer to see whether the hal.dll missing error is fixed or not.

Step 6. If hal.dll missing error was still there, restart to LiveBoot again and select MBR Recovery to fix possible errors in MBR.

Once you have fixed Hal.dll missing error, eject the CD/DVD or usb drive. Now you could boot up your computer and see your familiar desktop as normal.

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