Avid VS Final cut pro, which one is good for you

Avid media composer and Final Cut pro are two of the known names video editing and if you are finding it difficult to select between the two then below given comparison will surely be of great use to you.

Part 1: Avid Vs Final cut pro

Features/Software Final Cut Pro

Avid Media Composer

Overall Rating

9.78 out of 10 8.85 out of 10

Designing of the Software

Excellent design with intermediate skill requirement, 64 Bit Architecture and GPU acceleration.

Good design with advanced skill requirement, 64 Bit Architecture and GPU acceleration

Cloud Functionality



Automatic Content Analyzer

Yes No

Automatic Audio and Video Sync


Export to Mobile Devices Yes No

Supported Platform

10.9 and later versions of OS C

Windows 7 Pro x64, Windows Pro or Enterprise x64  and OS X 10.8 and later versions

Installed application size 2.4 Gigabytes

3.07 gigabytes

Minimum RAM

2 Gigabytes

4 Gigabytes

Pros associated with the software
  • Features powerful tools like magnetic timeline and others
  • Comes packed with array of needed features
  • Good application for new as well as experienced editors
  • Comes packed with long list of features
  • Allows you to carry on with all types of editing task
  • Favorite of Hollywood professionals

Cons associated with the software
  • Only available for latest version of OS X operating system
  • The software is complicated
  • Not suitable for unskilled editor

Part 2: Avid reviews

Avid media composer which is generally termed as Avid is a non linear editing system developed by Avid technology. The software is very popular among the professionals in the film and television industry. Below given are the reviews of the software from popular media sites.

  1. URL: http://professional-video-editing-software-review.toptenreviews.com/media-composer-review.html
  2. Avid is the software that is very popular among Hollywood professionals and if you wish to work in this industry, you need to have knowledge about this software. No matter whatever editing task you wish to accomplish, Avid’s long list of features will have one for you. For unskilled editors, the software will seem to be complicated and difficult to work.

  3. URL: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/professional-video-editing-software-guide,4004-2.html
  4. It is the best in class and a must have for television and film professionals. The software is mature and a solid one. There is hardly anything which you cannot do with this software.

  5. URL: http://www.macworld.co.uk/review/video/avid-media-composer-7-review-positive-updates-speedier-workflow-3474577/
  6. The software is the market leader for traditional video and film editors. It is considered to the best NLE when dealing with large media. It also comes loaded with array of audio options. Some of the drawbacks are its old school interface, relying on keyboard shortcuts and few others.

    Avid VS Final cut pro, which one is good for you

Part 3: Final cut pro reviews

  1. URL: http://professional-video-editing-software-review.toptenreviews.com/final-cut-pro-review.html
  2. The software comes packed with list of amazing features including magnetic timeline. Its compatibility with only latest OS X versions is its major drawback.

  3. URL: http://in.pcmag.com/apple-final-cut-pro-x/40422/review/apple-final-cut-pro-x
  4. The software is simple to use and features array of functions like multicam support, trackless and magnetic timeline and others.

  5. URL: http://www.macworld.co.uk/review/video/apple-final-cut-pro-x-2-review-3526427/
  6. There is an impressive list of features associated with the software like saving customized effects presets, easy usage of 3D text, and options for media management, professional video formats and many others. There is no built in tools in order to create the custom effect mask shapes which is one of the drawback of the software.

    Sony Vegas VS Final Cut Pro, Which One Is Good For You

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