Top 10 Wii Emulators - Play Nitendo Wii Games on other Devices

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Part 1. What's Wii?

The Wii is a seventh generation video game console which was released by Nintendo on November 19, 2006. It competes well with Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3. The Wii succeeded the Nintendo GameCube and the early models are also fully backward compatible with all GameCube games and most accessories although in late 2011, a new configured model was released by Nintendo-"the Wii Family Edition" which lacks Nintendo GameCube compatibility. The Wii's successor "Wii U" was released on November 18, 2012.

The Wii consists of Wii remote controller which detects movements in three dimensions, defunct WiiConnect24 which enables it to receive messages and updates in standby mode over the internet and also features a game download service, called Virtual console.

Wii Emulators

Specs of Wii Emulators

  • • Memory: 88MB main memory and 3 MB embedded GPU texture memory and framebuffer.
  • • Storage: 512 MB built in NAND flash. SD card memory of up to 2GB.
  • • Video: 480p (PAL & NTSC), 480I (NTSC), or 576i (PAL/SECAM).
  • • PowerPC based CPU
  • • 2 USB ports, WI-FI capabilities and Bluetooth.
  • • Audio: Stereo-Dolby Pro Logic 11. Built in speaker in controller.

Part 2. Famous Games that based on Wii

1.Super Mario Galaxy 2

Wii Emulators

With the level design alone, Super Mariois a textbook example of taking ideas and expanding them into creative and remarkable ways. The better part of this game is that Nintendo never dumps down the difficulty and offers an adventure that is accessible to both the experienced and less experienced.

2.Metroid Prime Trilogy

Wii Emulators

The Metroid Prime Trilogy is more than just three great games on a single disk! The game is a kind of an epic saga of a bounty hunter and her challenges and wars against space piracy, hungry alien creatures and giant radioactive brains. The game immerses one into an epic adventure like never before.

3.Resident Evil 4 (Wii Edition)

Wii Emulators

The upgraded controls in this game are handed expertly and crushing the heads of the never ending zombies in this game is probably the most satisfying killing experience to be had on Wii.

4.Dead Space Extraction

Wii Emulators

This game is probably one of the scariest and most fun-on rail shooter on the Wii. It brings those horrifying moments in movies of watching a Necromorph spirit towards you while you desperately shoot at its limbs now packed in a game.

5.The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Wii Emulators

No Nintendo console has ever launched with a Zelda game-until Wii. This adventure based combat gave us an insight of what it takes to become a hero. In this game, the twilight princess manages to infuse the franchise of Zelda with a scale of darkness that has not been seen before.

Part 3. Why People want a Wii Emulator?

The Nintendo Wii is a step forward towards the future of video gaming that brings together interactive games. In addition to taking advantage of the progression in gaming technology, you also get access to thousands of games that run onWii platform. These games are high class and packed with the latest technology and moves but unfortunately unless you have a Wii console, you might not get to play them-and that's where the idea of emulation comes in.

With an emulator for Wii, you can be able to play Wii games on various platforms and that's why people want a Wii emulator. Various emulators for Wii exists that can do just that perfectly. Some of the best Wii emulators are discussed in the next chapter.

On how many Platforms can Wii Emulators run?

Wii emulators are designed to run on the following platforms:

  • • Microsoft Windows
  • • Linux
  • • Mac OS X.
  • • Android

Some Wii emulators like Dolphin can run on all the four platforms.



Dolphin was the first GameCube emulator able to run commercial games. You will need a fairy strong PC for best possible performance. Dolphin allows PC to enjoy games for GameCube and Wii consoles in full HD (1080P) with several enhancements such as compatibility with all PC controllers, networked multiplayer, turbo speed and even more.

Dolphin runs on the following platforms: Windows, Mac & Linux

Wii Emulators

Ratings: 7.9 (33,624 votes)

Download website:


Dolwin is an open source GameCube emulator fully written with C. Even though it's still under development, you can still be able to run it, boot, run some few commercial games and demos. Its zip file comes with a demo that you can play to test the emulator. It will not run all the commercial games out there.

Wii Emulators

Ratings: 7.0 (2676 votes)

Download website:


SuperGCube is a Win32 Game cube emulator, based off the discontinued GCube. It's a Nintendo GameCube emulator for windows only. Thanks to its efficient and highly optimized emulation core, it can achieve a relatively high speed outperforming other emulators that use more advanced techniques.

Wii Emulators

Ratings: 6.6 (183 votes)

Download website:


Whinecube is another GameCube emulator for windows written using C++. Whinecube is capable of loading and executing DOL, ELF, or GCM format executable with graphics, pad, DVD, and sound emulation.


  • • Windows XP or later
  • • Latest DirectX available
  • • A graphic card that supports D3DFMT_YUY2 conversion e.g. GeForce 256 or newer.

Whinecube does not run commercial games yet but can play a few homebrew such as Pong Pong.dol etc.

Wii Emulators

Ratings: 7.0 (915 votes)

Download website:


GCEmu is a very incomplete emulator for the Nintendo GameCube. It uses recompilation techniques and other tricks to achieve a reasonable speed. Even if the emulation is very incomplete, it has shown that it can be done at a very decent speed.

Wii Emulators

Ratings: 7.0 (2378 votes)

Download website:


GCube is an open source emulator for GameCube primarily developed with the purpose of running at least one commercial game fully emulated. Currently it doesn't play any commercial game and the current release is aimed at homebrewn programs.

Wii Emulators

Ratings: 6.4 (999 votes)

Download website:


CubeSX is a PlayStation emulator for the Nintendo GameCube and a Wii version is also available. It's still in its early stages and its speed and compatibility are rather decent.

Wii Emulators

Download website:

8.Cube64 Beta1.1

Cube64 is a fantastic little N64 emulator that works on Wii and GameCube via SD/DVD. In order to use it, you need to first copy your ROMs into "Wii64 > ROMs" and then load game in Cube64.

Wii Emulators

Download website:


This is a PSX emulator for the GameCube. The emulator is incomplete as it has no support for XA audio, CDDA audio, a GUI or Saveslates but it shall run most PSX games.

Wii Emulators

Download website:

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