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How to Burn Blu-ray Disc (BD-R/RE) with ImgBurn for Free

As far as I know, ImgBurn is the best free DVD burning software. Actually, it also can create ISO image file from DVD or DVD folders. But it's incredible you can use ImgBurn to burn Blu-ray discs, at least from its simple (or ugly) user interface, but it's true that ImgBurn is a free Blu-ray Disc burner (compatible with BD R/RE). I want to say to all the contributors: you guys did a great job, thanks from my heart for making such a powerful Blu-ray burning tool.

To burn a Blu-ray Disc with free Blu-ray burner ImgBurn, make sure you have prepared the correct BD folders (including the "BDMV" folder and the "CERTIFICATE" folder), and you have selected the right file system - UDF 2.5 or above before burning. See the detailed steps to burn Blu-ray contents to a BD-R/RE disc.

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Easy steps to burn Blu-ray Disc with ImgBurn

Step 1: Install and launch ImgBurn, and then select "Write Files/Folders to Disc" from the welcome screen.

imgburn bluray burner

Step 2: From the File menu, select "Browse for a source folder…", or simply click the button "Browse for a folder" to bring up the same dialog.

imgburn bluray folder burning

Step 3: Locate the "Disc" folder that contains your Blu-ray contents, which usually includes two subfolders: the "BDMV" folder and the "CERTIFICATE" folder.

Step 4: On the left panel, go to Options tab and select the File System and version (UDF 2.5 or UDF 2.6 required). Blu-ray disc will not be played unless it is formatted as UDF 2.5 or later.

imgburn bluray burning software

Step 5: It's optional to set the Blu-ray Disc labels, name and other information in the Labels tab.

Step 6: Click the "Write Files" icon and you will be prompted with a window asking if you wish to continue. Click Yes to burn Blu-ray disc immediately. This process will overwrite the existing content on Blu-ray disc, or just writing contents to blank Blu-ray disc.

imgburn bluray file burning

Step 7: The writing time may be long. Wait patiently. Once finished, your disc could be played in any set-top Blu-ray disc player that accepts BD-R/RE discs.

Note: To play the Blu-ray folders on PC, you could use the free Blu-ray player to play the movies on hard drive.

Blu-ray Burning Tip: What's BD-R/RE?

They are the main types of Blu-ray discs. BD-R discs are once-writable media (like DVD-R or DVD+R). BD-RE discs are re-writable Blu-ray media (like DVD-RW). At regarding to the price, BD-R discs are still very expensive so it's recommended to use BD-REs for testing and use BD-R to burn permanent contents.

More tips: Wondershare DVD Creator is an easy-to-use DVD and Blu-ray burning app, that allows you to burn almost any video to DVDs/BDs, or create ISO image file from DVD or DVD folders etc.

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