How to Use DVDStyler DVD Authoring Software

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DVDStyler is the DVD authoring freeware to burn your videos (and photos) to DVD for watching on TV. Here is the DVDStyler tutorial to shows you how to author DVDs with DVDStyler step by step.

Step 1: Create a new project

Every time when you launch DVDStyler, you would be prompted to create a new project, or open an existing project. This is the way to starting using DVDStyler. By this way, you can always save your project so that you can open it again next time or when DVDStyler crashed.

create dvdstyler project

While creating a new DVD project, you can make settings to these options:

Disc Label: It's the title that will be displayed in My Computer for a DVD-rom.

Disc capacity: 4.7 GB (Single Layer DVD) or 8.5 GB (Double Layer DVD).

Video quality: The higher number means the better quality. Auto is recommended to burn DVD with DVDStyler.

Video format: NTSC for North American countries and Japan, PAL for other countries.

Aspect ratio: It depends on what TV you want to watch your DVD on. If you have a widescreen TV, select 16:9, otherwise, 4:3.

Audio format: AC3 is recommended.

When settings is OK, just click 'OK' to continue. Next, you could type a title for your DVD menu. Use a built-in DVD menu template or just black background.

Step 2: Add video files

Now start authoring your DVD. You will find 3 vertical tab on the left side of the DVDStyler window: File Browser, Backgrounds and Buttons.

File Browser: Use to locate your photo/video folder and display thumbnails for you to drag and drop video files to the TitleSet Manager.

Backgrounds: Choose a Background image for your DVD menu. Right click on DVD menu for more options.

Buttons: Add menu buttons to your DVD menu. Right click on DVD menu for more options.

dvd styler main

To add video files, just drag and drop the thumbnail to the TitleSet Manager at the bottom. You can also add video clips using the right-click menu (Add -> File).

When adding files, you will see how many percent of disc space on DVD is used at the status bar. A general DVD disc can store up to 126 minutes of video in good quality (Video bitrate > 4.5 MB/s). You will also see how long videos are added compared to the total length.

Step 3: Author a DVD menu (optional)

The Backgrounds and Buttons tabs are used to design your DVD menu. Double click on a background image to set as the DVD menu background. Drag and drop your desired button to add to the menu followed by double-clicking to make settings.

The added videos or slideshows will be automatically added to the Menu 2 as a thumbnail. However, the photo slideshow thumbnail will just display a blank frame. You need to choose an image as the background. To do so, double click on the frame to open the Properties dialog and make settings there.

DVD Menu Tips: You can also choose your own background image for DVD menu: go to 'File browser' tab, open folder that contains your background image file and double click to change the DVD menu background, just like what you can do in the Backgrounds tab.

Step 4: Burn DVD, Generate DVD Folders or ISO Image

Click Burn icon to open the Burn dialog. Here you can:

dvd styler burn

Just generate: use this option to generate DVD Folders to burn DVD with third-party software.

Create iso image: use this option to create a single ISO file to preview (VLC Media Player) or burn with third-party software.

Burn: directly convert and burn media to DVD.

Click 'Start' to start burning. When finished, you can watch your DVD on TV using any standard DVD player.

Note: If you selected 'preview', a preview will be started after creating of DVD (but before burning).

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Aug 29,2013 17:45 pm / Posted by Alejandro Gallet to DVD

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You mean it works again? Yeah, sometimes, re-installation is good for any software app.
I burned a few dvds, but it stopped after about 10 of them The 'burn' button is not cilckable anymore. I uninstalled it and re-installed it a few times. That worked the first time. Not an more.
Hi Richard, you can try another program Video Converter Ultimate. It will work for you.
Richard J. Lawrence
I created an .iso file but when I came to burn it -- I was not able to find it anywhere in my file system. I am using Ubuntu. I looked in /tmp and I used the search reoutine with *.iso as target with no success.
Very easy to use (drag & drop) but still powerful by providing access to most of the DVD internals. Great software!
Easy and intuitive interface. I love this program at a glance. There are some problems, but I think in the future they will be eliminated.
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