How to Copy Protected DVD with DVD Shrink for Free

DVD Shrink is a free DVD copy and compressing software for Windows. If you are looking for freeware to make a DVD copy of protected DVD disc, then DVD Shrink is what you want. With it, you can easily shrink a dual layer DVD-9 (7.9GB) to DVD-5 (4.3GB or less).

While using DVD Shrink to copy protected DVD, it's up to you to balance quality and content as best as possible. You can reduce the size of the output copy by cutting out areas of the DVD that you do not need, such as foreign audio, subtitles, extras, directors commentary, etc. This article will show you how to copy protected DVD for free with DVD Shrink.

DVD Shrink & Copy Protection

First of all, note that DVD Shrink has not been actively developed since the middle of 20 century, and the official site doesn't provide download link, but it's still available to download from many websites today. For updated DVD copy software, take a look at Aimersoft DVD Copy, which copy DVD9 and DVD5 with protections automatically removed.

Most copy protected DVD uses a copy-prevention algorithm called Content Scramble System (CSS) and region coding which helps to prevent DVD movies play in a region before a film is released in theaters. DVD Shrink could remove these DVD copy protections by default. Now see how to copy protected DVD with DVD Shrink.

How to Copy Protected DVD with DVD Shrink

Step 1: Import Copy Protected DVD

When open DVD Shrink, click "Open Disc" to select DVD source. In the drop-down list, select the DVD drive with copy protected DVD inserted. The DVD movies will be shrunk to suitable quality (via preset compression ratio) with CSS DVD copy protection automatically removed. The region free option could be made in "Backup!-> DVD Region" tab.

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Step 2: Make Compression Settings

After copy-protection-free DVD movies are imported, the DVD structure will show in the left, and Compression settings on the right. Be default, the videos are compressed with an "Automatic" ratio. To change it, select "Custom Ratio" in the dropdown list, and then you could drag the slider to adjust the compression ratio so as to reduce DVD movies size. You may notice that the DVD video size correspondingly changes in the Size Indicator.

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The purchased DVDs usually contain lots of extras, many audio and subpicture (subtitle) for multi-language distribution. If these things are not you want, you could easily remove theme by un-checking the related options.

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DVD Shrink Copy Tips: You made the above settings in Full Disc mode by default. There is another mode call The Re-author mode allows you make a custom DVD from movies in the copy protected DVD. But you cannot keep DVD menus and the original DVD structure in Re-author mode. To add title, simply double click on videos, or right click and select "Add" in the resulting menu. The movies added in Re-author mode will be played sequentially.

Step 3: Backup DVDs

Now click "Backup!" button to make settings before copying DVD movies. The most important settings are in Target Device tab. You can copy DVD to Hard Disk Folder or ISO Image File, or directly burn with third-party DVD burning software if they are already installed, such as Nero and DVD Decrypter.

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Before backup DVD, make sure the Region Free option is check or your region code is right in the DVD Region tab. When settings are finished, click OK to start encoding DVD movies. All is done. DVD Shrink is very fast at encoding, but this process depending on the speed of your computer might take a little while to complete.

DVD Shrink for Mac

DVD Shrink is just for Windows. The official team doesn't release DVD Shrink for Mac. Even the latest version DVD Shrink is NOT compatible with Mac OS. To copy protected DVD, there are many Mac DVD copy tools in the market. Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac is the professional DVD copy software to copy DVDs to DVD discs, DVD Folder, .dvdmedia, ISO image file and iPod/iPhone/iPad. This way, you can backup and play DVD movies in Mac, TV, and anywhere for yourself.

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i start dvd shrink and it goes immedietlyh to full disk copy and spins and wont quit with out the three finger shut off running under windows vista home premium sp2 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeven without a disk in the drive it wont start right any ideas?
There is some copyrighted dvd's, mainly the blockbusters, that dvd shrink cannot copy. Any idea what program can defeat this?
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