DVD Drives: Choose an Internal or External DVD Drive?

Starting from 90s (1996 or later), most computers comes with a DVD drive so that people can play DVDs on a computer. In 2002, many manufacturers released DVD drives that could for the first time allow people to make their own DVD movies. However, simple things became complex with numbers of competing DVD formats. Good news is that this is now not a question.

Regardless to the DVD standards, people will also encounter this dilemma of buying an internal or external DVD drive, especially when you are buying a laptop. This article will introduce the differences between internal DVD drives and external DVD drives, as well as the DVD standards.


Differences between Internal or External DVD Drives

Before check out what's the difference of internal DVD drives and external DVD drives, maybe you need to ask yourself first: Do I really need the burner to be portable? What kind of ports does my computer have? Am I going to upgrade my computer soon? And if you get straightforward answers, you could ignore the differences. Still be ambiguous? See how internal DVD drives are different from external DVD drives.


External DVD Drives

Internal DVD Drives








USB 2.0/1.1, Fireware (IEEE 1394) – USB 1.1 will transfer data much slower than 2.0

IDE (if there are few IDE ports on your PC and you need to add IDE port device, this is a problem )





Keep cool on its own

May cause radiating problems

External DVD drives, especially USB DVD drive will give your much convenience to storage data on your laptop. Hope this information to help you make a decision to buy an external DVD drive or not. And see below what kind of DVD drives to buy.

Know about DVD Standards

There are many different types of DVD drives, including DVD-R(G or A) Drives, DVD-RW Drives, DVD+RW Drives, DVD+R Drives, DVD-RAM Drives. They can generally break down into the same formats as the DVD writable formats - mainly two categories Recordable (+/-R) and Rewritable (+/-RW). See what DVD standards are playable on specific DVD drive below.


What DVD Burning Tool to Use with DVD Drives?

Wondershare DVD Creator (Mac version also available) is an easy to use DVD burning tool to make your own DVDs with videos, photos and music, and then play them on your living room DVD player or computer DVD drives. Both SD videos and HD videos could be burned to DVD with a good looking DVD menu. Download Wondershare DVD Creator for free trial.

Download Windows VersionDownload Mac Version

They're downloading



Much more than a converter – Convert, edit, enhance, download, burn, organize, capture, and watch in over 1000 formats.

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This does exactly what it is advertised to do, make dvd's from multiple inputs without the need of a computer. The menu is very easy to use and basic
Easy to use. Don't have to convert analog to digital signal first.
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