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How to Customize Your Own DVD Flick Menu

DVD Flick is the simple and easy to use DVD converting and authoring software for free. It's available to easily add a DVD menu with the built-in DVD menu templates. There are 6 DVD Flick menu templates in total. See below:

How to Customize DVD Flick Templates

Since there are only 6 DVD Flick menu templates available, you may wonder whether these templates can be customized. The answer is definitely yes. Here let's see how to do it in two ways.

1: Customize DVD Flick Templates with Notepad or Other Text Editor

You can customize DVD Flick templates with Notepad or other text editors. If you choose this way, it's suggested that you prepare pictures (.bmp or other format) in the size given above. And then comes the hard part: template.cfg editing with Notepad or your favorite text editor. The template.cfg file looks like this:

Name = "The Party";

Author = "Dennis Meuwissen";

Description = "Rather festive.";

Copyrights = "Main menu photo by Nicole Hanusek Title select photo by "imedagoze" Subtitle select photo by Jose Gonzalez Audio select photo by "bitzi"";

transColor = "255,0,255";

audioMenu {...}

subtitleMen {...}

mainMenu {...}

titleMenu {...}

The Name, Author, Description, and Copyright will be shown while you are choose DVD Flick menu template. The transColor option is used to make portions of an image transparent, allowing the background image to show through. Then comes the parameters for each menu, including Main menu, Title menu, audio menu and subtitle menu. Next, I will explain the key parameters for the menu. Refer to these parameters while you are editing the DVD Flick template.cfg file.

Main Menu

editing dvd flick template

 DVD Flick

Title Menu

Title menu allows you to select the video you have added to the DVD disc. Options under titleMenu section decide how the title menu will look and respond. The backgroundImage, highlightColor, and selectColor options are identical to those in Main menu settings.

 DVD Flick

2: Customize DVD Flick Templates with an Online Menu Maker

Another solution is to use an online menu maker called Coffee Fueled Creations. It gives your DVD Flick menu a personal or professional touch with your own images and colors.

To use this online menu maker, just fill the blank and hit submit. Then a file will be downloaded automatically. After the file has been downloaded, just make a folder in Program filesDVD Flick emplates and then paste the unziped files into there. This will make your theme appear in the DVD Flick Program.

 DVD Flick

Other Option: Switch to Other DVD Burner Which Contains More DVD Menus

As you can see, it may be difficult to customize a DVD Flick template, or you don't have enough time to customize a DVD Flick menu by yourself. Whatever it is, you could try some other DVD authoring and burning software, such as Wondershare DVD Creator (DVD Creator for Mac). In this great app, both 40+ free static DVD menu templates like DVD Flick menu templates and animated DVD menu templates are available. All of there menu templates can be directly applied to your DVD movie. Here let's see how to create a DVD with a personalized DVD menu quickly and easily with this application.

Step 1: Download, install, and run this app. And then drag your video files to this app for DVD burning.

Download Win DVD CreatorDownload Mac DVD Creator

editing dvd flick template

Step 2: In the Menu window, select one DVD menu template to apply to your DVD. Also, you can customize it by adding various elements like buttons, background image, background music, thumbnails, transition effects, text, etc. (Click here to download more DVD menu templates)

editing dvd flick template

Step 3: Go to the Preview tab to preview the result. If you're satisfied with the result, go to the Burn tab and hit the Burn button there to start DVD burning. This app will finish the buring process in minutes.

editing dvd flick template

Watch the video tutorial below:

Download Win DVD CreatorDownload Mac DVD Creator

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I'd rather have actual help than an advertisement..
coffeefueledcreations does not work
You''re not making a video DVD, therefore a discussion of video DVD menus (which only appear when you insert a video disc into a player, or into a PC then run a player program) is completely irrelevant. Even if you could make one, it wouldn''t do you any good, as they are unable to operate on anything outside of the video-programme "virtual machine" - ie it can play videos, play audio, or show images, show menu overlay graphics, switch audio/subtitle/angle modes, perform simple computation functions (for DVD games), and that''s about it. There''s literally no way to launch computer files using it, or even display any AV media that isn''t in MPEG, JPEG, or overlay bitmap format. What you need is an auto-run menu program, that operates as a native Windows (or Mac) application and can open those files directly (and, usually, can also run installers for relevant file viewers if the recipient doesn''t have them already). These things are pretty common, you might even be able to find a free menu creator online somewhere - or simply use a webpage that will load in the default browser, as it''s entirely possible to launch non-web documents and even programs via a web interface. Not many machines still support full Autorun functionality any more, though, as it was often viewed as both an annoyance and a security risk, and as most people understand how to navigate a computer filesystem and open simple documents or installers nowadays, it shouldn''t be too much of a bother to do it manually (it''s like two or three extra clicks) and won''t look at all unprofessional given that even huge multinationals don''t bother with it much any more. Most "online manual" and driver-installation discs I''ve used in the last 5-10 years just provide you with the files and leave you to get on with it. Things were actually a lot more automated back in the 90s... ;) At a push you could have the program/webpage for those who will still have it appear automatically, and include brief instructions on how to open that up should they be easily confused and prefer to work that way. EG leave a shortcut to the page in the disc root directory, and the instructions are "go to My Computer, open the DVD drive, double click on the "disc menu" icon"...
I had that problem - the issue was one of the background images that was in the template folder I was trying to use. Do this: open one of the OTHER template background files (either background.bmp or main.bmp or both separately) and open the same one of the template that isn''t working. Select the whole image from the one that isn''t working and CTRL+C (copy) then CTRL+V (paste) it over the other template image you opened. Then on the image you just pasted, do a save as (close the image you copied from) and save over the custom template file. Do that for both background.bmp and main.bmp and see if that helps, it solved my issue. I know you posted this 3 years ago lol but incase others come looking for a similar issue.....
hello, sorry for the inconvenience. I have reported your problem to technical support. They will contact you within 1 business day.
All my video clips are wide screen, the Wondershare DVD creator shows them widescreen, and the ratio aspect is checked correctly...But when I burn the DVD it has chopped off all the edges of both the menu and the video and appears in standard aspect ratio. ????
Hi Meeno, it's designed in such a way. :)
wondershare dvd creator,why is there 3 pages? main menu,tittle page,chapter page? is there any way i can just have main page and the chapter page?
rizky saputra
thank`s its very help`s me
Hi, Geoff D, currently our DVD creator supports create chapters and menus you ask for, but only supports video, audio and image files, not including the file formats you mentioned. However, I'll forward your request to our develop team in their later development plan. Please stay tuned with us.
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