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VLC DVD: How to Burn VLC Files to DVD (Windows 10 included)

VLC Player is a universal media player that plays almost any video format and even DVDs. It can also stream video such as TV shows directly from the streaming server. But you may don't know that it's also capable of encoding and decoding video files as well as VLC libraries to DVDs, so that you can use it in your video player. Now we are here to help you burn DVDs by VLC Player with the step by step procedures. However, it's a little bit difficult and complicated process. So we also recommend another easy-to-use DVD burning tool to finish the same task. Now let's get started:

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Part 1: Burn VLC Files to DVD with VLC

Step 1: Add file to VLC

Open VLC. Then click "Media", and select "Stream".


Go to the File tab and click on "Add". Browse for the movie destination. Choose the movie with the right title that you want to burn.

file add

Step 2: Set the settings before the burning process

You can test the movie by selecting "Play" from the drop-down menu. If everything is OK then select "Stream" from the drop-down next to "Play". You can also add subtitles to the movies. This subtitle will be embedded with the movie.

step4 paly

Check whether the source of the movie matches which we enter previously. Then click "Next".

step5 file

Uncheck the Display locally box to speed up the burning process. Select "File" from the drop-down menu and click "Add".


Click Browse to select the destination folder. Select your DVD drive to burn the movie in the DVD. Type a name for the movie you want to save as.

step7 brow

Check the box next to Active Transcoding. Then select profile for the movie format. Video - H.264 + MP3 (MP4) is recommended. You can customize advanced options by clicking on the tools menu. Click next to proceed to the next step.


Step 3: Start the burning process

Select "All Elementary Streams". Then check the "Generated stream output string" dialogue box if everything is OK. Then hit "Stream".


Keep patience. The burning time depends on the size of the movie and the writing speed of your DVD drive.


Part 2: An Easier Way to Burn VLC Files to DVD

Although VLC enables you to burn files to DVD, you may find it's difficult and complicated. So here anther solid DVD burner software - Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is recommended. It helps you easily burn your VLC files to DVD with a stunning DVD menu. Now, I'll show you how to burn VLC files to DVD step by step.

Step 1: Load VLC videos to the DVD converter

After DVD Creator is set up in your computer, open it and in the primary window, click "Add Files" button to add downloaded VLC files on computer, or drag and drop videos to add the VLC videos into the primary Window. On the left, you can set the quality and aspect ratio of videos.

VLC to dvd importing

Tips: Double click any imported video to preview to the right window.

Step 2: Edit videos and set video transitions

If your VLC files play perfect, you can skip this step. But if there are flaws in your video, use handy tools to edit them. All basic editing tools are included. Click the "Edit" icon next to the video title to get started. You can crop, rotate, trim your video and add subtitles to VLC videos.

VLC to dvd editing

Step 3: Select a DVD menu and convert VLC to DVD

Choose a DVD menu or customize it as you want. After all the settings are done, click "Burn" to convert VLC files to DVD with beautiful DVD menu. With this easy VLC to DVD burner, you can enjoy VLC videos on any DVD player with your friends.

VLC to dvd burning

Download Windows DVD Creator Download Mac DVD Creator

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