Top 6 Blu-Ray Burner Reviews

Blu-ray burners are often able to hold massive files and a significant amount of data which is ideal for full-length feature video. Blu-ray burners make is fast and convenient to create any type of disc you want. Burners are often bought to replace or to build a custom designed PC or laptop. Blu-ray burners can be found for both internal and external use with your PC or laptop allowing you to easily create the ultimate at home movie theater systems with ease. Whether you are in the market for an upgrade to your current Blu-ray burner or simply need one to build into your custom PC this list consists of the top Blu-ray burners worth looking into.

1. LG WH16NS40 16x Super Multi Blu-Ray Disc Rewriter

Price: $58.99

Features: This multi Blu-ray disc rewriter is able to write and read single, dual and quad layer disc providing you with maximum storage capacity. It is designed with an SATA 1.1a interface with 16x speeds for burning. It is also backward compatible with CD-R and DVD-r discs. This Blu-ray burner is compatible with most operating systems from Windows XP to Mac OSX and Linux. It is a quiet and high-speed disc burner.

Pros: Compatible with a variety of discs both older and newer versions.

Cons: Can cause lag time and improper playback which at times can make viewing the content nearly impossible.

2. Pioneer 16x Internal Blu-Ray Writer (BDR-209DBK)

Price: $79.99

Features: This Blu-ray burner is fully capable of playing and burning 3D Blu-ray movies. Provides 16x writing speeds with single layered Blu-ray discs and 24x speed for dual layered discs. It is also able to burn and read older discs like CD's and DVDs. Compatible with most operating systems including Mac, Linux Windows XP, 8 and 10.

Pros: Able to read and write 3D Blu-ray discs with ease and can playback the disc with the necessary 3D software.

Cons: It measures in at 7.1 inches which may not fit all cases so you will want to double check the size specification before buying this burning for your device.

3. ASUS BW-12B1ST 12x Blu-Ray Internal Burner Drive

Price: $52.99

Features: This Blu-ray burner was designed to reduce energy use and save on power. It utilizes a simply drag a burn feature that does not require additional software to use. Provides additional security with an added layer of encryption through its E-Hammer technology.

Pros: The Optical Tuning Strategy it comes equipped with results in less failed discs.

Cons: Not a fast Blu-ray burner but makes up for that in quality.

4. Pioneer Slim External Blu-Ray Writer BDR-XD05

Price: $95.00

Features: Utilizes the latest USB 3.0 technology for burning and reading a variety of disc formats, both old and new. Its sleek and slim design make it conveniently portable. It is equipped with Power read and effective way for you to play movies from a scratched disc. Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux operation systems.

Pros: Great for taking on the go with no need of an additional adapter cord.

Cons: The slim design is not as sturdy as you would want from a portable Blu-ray writer.

5. Panasonic UJ272

Price: $67.99

Features: This slim Blu-Ray burner is great for those wanting to add in Blu-ray capabilities for their laptops. It can support BDXL high capacity media meaning is incredibly powerful for its small size. Fits into most 9.5mm with an SATA interface.

Pros: Great for adding in a Blu-ray reader and writer for your laptop computers.

Cons: Speeds are significantly slower than its full-size counterparts and no software is included so you need to purchase that separately.

6. Lite-On iHAS 11229 Internal Blu-Ray Drive

Price: $19.99

Features: The Lite-On Blu-ray burner utilizes smart burn technology to ensure that you get the highest quality of recording with the least amount of burn-disc failure. It is designed with SATA compatibility and uses high speeds of 16X for DVD-R, 8X for DVD-RW, 48X for CD-R and 24X for CD-RW. The burner also supports BD-R, BD-RE, BD-ROM and is able to read a variety of single and double layered disc.

Pros:Provides high-quality playback and disc burning features for an incredibly affordable price.

Cons: Burn speeds can be quite slow and time-consuming.

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