Top 10 Best Blu-Ray Players in 2016

When it comes to choosing the right disc player for your home there are a number of features you will want to carefully consider. Is picture quality held to a higher standard to you over being able to stream an endless amount of online show and movies? Whatever your preference is, these 10 Blu-Ray disc players offer a number of special features and high-quality picture playback that you may want to consider if you are in the market for a new Blu-ray player.

Top 10 Blu-Ray Players:

1. Panasonic DMP-Bdt16

Price: $99.99

Features: The Panasonic DMP-BDT160 is a smart network 3D Blu-Ray disc player that comes with built-in 4K(UHD) upscaling. It offers full HD 3D Blu-ray playback as well as video on demand in HD making it easy and convenient to watch for favorite Netflix movies and is FLAC compatible. Comes with a standard remote control and AC adapter

Pros: Budget friendly option that provides quality playback

Cons: The Panasonic DMP-BDT160 does not feature built in WIFI so you can only utilize the smart TV feature through an ethernet connection or via a WIFI dongle.

2.Panasonic DMP-BDT 460

Price: $177.99

Features: The Panasonic DMP-BDT460 comes with built-in 4K up-scaling. It can also perform 2D and 3D conversions. Enjoy streaming a variety of movies, games and more with the WIFI capabilities. This Blu-Ray player also features Miracast which allows you to share content from your tablet or smartphone to your TV.

Pros: Exceptional picture quality for both blu-ray playback as well as photo sharing.

Cons: Uses a very basic interface and poor remote capabilities.

3. Sony BDP-S1200

Price: $89.99

Features: The Sony BDP-S1200 gives you a simple yet effect player that also comes equipped with over 200 apps to enhance your movie or television viewing. It features ethernet connectivity for instant access to the Sony entertainment network.

Pros: Blu-ray picture quality is superb and provides clear and crisp images.

Cons: Outdated user interface that lacks some of the most popular apps you would expect from a Blu-Ray player. It also lacks wifi as well as a 3D mode.

4. Sony BDP-S5200

Price: $84.99

Features: The Sony BDP-S5200 allows you to watch HD Blu-Ray video and can upscale most DVDs to near HD quality. High-speed internet connectivity with ethernet or wifi built in features provides you with access to the Sony Entertainment Network where you can stream videos, movies, games and more from over 200 apps.

Pros: Access to key streaming apps and the ability to play HD Blu-ray movies in either 2D or 3D.

Cons: Outdated interface that is cluttered and leads to confusion.

5. Sony BDP-S6200

Price: $179.99

Features: The Sony BDP-S6200 allows for 4K upscaling and blu-ray playback in 2D or 3D.Utilizes Triluminos display quality for clearer high-quality picture display. WiFi connectivity to gain access to over 200 streaming services.

Pros: Quick start and lead time to watch movies faster and excellent Wifi connectivity.

Cons: The 4K upscaling is only subpar at best.

6. Samsung BD-F6500

Price: $90.00

Features: The Samsung BD-F 650 offers a wide range of online content and smart services. You can sync your mobile device or desktops for video and picture sharing. Provides full HD 3D playback for enhanced viewing pleasure.

Pros: Offers one of the best selection of apps from streaming all your favorites.

Cons:The remote control needs and update.

7. Samsung BD-H6500

Price: $99.99

Features: The Samsung BD-H6500 smart Blu-ray player is designed for 3D playback and offers 4K upscaling. You can gain access to a variety of smart apps for extra streaming options.

Pros: Large selection of apps for a variety of additional digital playback.

Cons: 4K upscaling is not of the best quality and although there is a wide selection of apps to choose from they are poorly organized and it can be quite time-consuming to sort through.

8. Samsung BD-H8900

Price: $350.00

Features: The Samsung BD-H8900 offers 2D and 3D playback capabilities and comes with 1Tb of Freeview HD PVR. Supports Ultra HD scaling and supports a wide range of different media files for playback.

Pros: Comes with a glow- in – the – dark remote and is able to record two programs at the same time.

Cons: Only on HDMI output slot, apps are unorganized and a slightly slower interface.

9. Toshiba BDX1500

Price: $50.00

Features: The Toshiba BDX1500 Blu-ray players is a simple and easy to use HD player. Offers a sleek and stylish design that can play back a variety of file types.

Pros: Great choice for those looking for a quality, no bells, no whistles HD Blu-ray player.

Cons: No internet connection is offered so there are no apps available, no upscaling, and no 3D playback.

10. Sony BDP-S7200

Price: $179.99

Features: The Sony BDP- S7200 provides 4K upscaling along with high-resolution audio playback. Offer super WiFi built in to stream more movies and shows from a number of online streaming services

Pros: Exception picture and sound quality.

Cons: Does not offer all the streaming services you would expect from an otherwise incredible product.

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