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Top 3 easy ways to download howcast videos (including free way)

In, you can find many practical lessons like how to decorate a wedding cake, or how to do a proper Irish jig before St.Patrick’s Day…But what if you want to download Howcast videos from their website for repeated viewing back? Don’t worry. You’ll get 3 perfect solutions here.

download howcast videos - howcast logo

Part 1: Best way to download howcast video

Wondershare AllMyTube - Video Downloader is an efficient video hunter that helps to download videos from more than 100 video sharing sites with original quality, including Howcast, YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, Facebook, Metacafe, and more. With this professional Howcast downloader, you are only one click away to bring your favorite videos offline. Also, you’ll be able to convert it to any file format you want to save.

  • • Download video from 10,000+ video sharing sites.
  • • The batch download functionality allows users to save time as well as effort
  • • The HD, 4K and 3D technologies are fully supported by this program
  • • YouTube to mp3 high bit rate download is now possible in one click
  • • The embedded converter allows the user to transfer data by converting it to 150+ formats
  • • The program can record videos from any website of the world
  • • Wireless transfer of content is now possible
  • • The built in video player supports HD playback

4,088,454 people have downloaded it

The process that has to be followed in relation to download has been mentioned as below:

1. Download, install and run the program, Launch your browser and go to Howcast website. When you find the videos want to download, click to start playing it.

download howcast videos - open allmytube

2. On the playing window, you'll see a floating "Download" button on the top right corner.

download howcast videos - with download button

3. Click on it, select the video resolution what you want to download, and then the video downloading task will be added to the downloading queue right away.

download howcast videos - select video resolution

4. This smart Howcast video downloaer also gives you other options to download Howcast videos conveiniently. Copy URL of the video, and then hit "Paste URL" to activate the downloading task.

download howcast videos - with url

5. Now you have built multiple tasks, and you can click the "Downloading" tab to check the percentage and remaining time. Once a video downloading is completed, a pop-up window will notice you. Go to the "Finished" library, a collection of videos will show with detailed file information, including duration, size, and resolution.

download howcast videos - convert the downloaded video

6. You may already noticed the "Convert" button on the right corner of each downloaded video file. Yes, it allows you to save your file to any specified format you need. Click it to reveal the output format list, and then head to your desired format like MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, or configured preset for iPhone, iPad, PSP, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Note directly.

download howcast videos - convert ot other format

Tips: The Howcast video downloader makes it even faster to download Howvast videos to MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, or other portable players. Switch on the "Download then Convert" button at the top right corner, and then select your desired output format. In this way, when you click the Download button in the browser, the Howcast video will be downloaded to any format of your choice directly. No need to take time for later conversions. Bravo!

Part 2: Download Howcast videos with Freemake video downloader

Freemake downloader is another powerful program that makes the process of downloading the videos from the sites like Howcast easy and simple and therefore it is regarded as one of the best downloads among the ones that are free. For further elaboration of the program it is advisable to ensure that the feature as well as the related material that has been explained in this section is read thoroughly so that the user can be aware of the facts as well as the program functionality.

Features of the program

• Batch download at high speed is possible

• The program has a converter that supports numerous formats

• The online streaming capture has been embedded

• The program has a player to play the online as well as offline videos



• The user can experience extremely high speeds and the features which most of the paid programs of this genre do not provide

• The overall functionality of the program is awesome and therefore it is easy to understand. The user can download the program easily as well.


• The program do not support the mp3 downloads and the related conversions and therefore it is one of the feature which needs to be added

• The overall functionality of the program is slower as compared to the ones that are of similar nature so the structure needs uplift.

download howcast videos - with Freemake video downloader

Good review

The review that has been posted by the site Snap files states that the program has easy to understand interface as well as the GUI changes are awesome that are embedded in latest edition.

Bad review

Posted by PC world this review states that the user needs to ensure that the program does not download video to mp3 and therefore he has to bear with this bitter fact.

download howcast videos - Freemake video downloader review

Part 3: Online way to download howcast video

One of the easiest websites that allows the user to download the videos with extreme perfection is the Clip converter which has captivated the users from the day of inception. The best and the most advanced features that are there in the site as well as the recent uplift has made the process of downloading even easier to follow.



• The site is easy to understand as well as the frequent changes also allow the users to download the videos in single click

• The functionality of the website is also easy and therefore it is highly recommended to be used as a primary download source.


• The download speed is too low as compared to others

• Batch download is not possible with this website

• The conversion formats supported by this website are not wide in range

• Very few websites are supported by the program.

download howcast videos - with peggo

Part 4: Comparison of the 3 ways

Metrics Allmytube Freemake video downloader Clip converter
Highly stable
Mildly stable
Not stable at all
Download Speed
Download playlists or channels in batch
Not Supported
Supported Video sites
Only 30
Download and then convert automatically
Not Supported
Not Supported
Download HD including 3D/4K video
Not Supported
Not Supported
Download subtitle
Not Supported
Not Supported
Supported Conversion formats
Only 15
Transfer data without usb cabel
Not Supported
Not Supported
Custom Download Scheduler
Not Supported
Not Supported
record screen or videos from websites
Not Supported
Not Supported
Build in Player
Not Supported
Not Supported

They're downloading



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