Real Downloader Not Working? Problem Solved

“I installed Real Downloader recently and tried downloading videos from Youtube, but it always gave me an error message saying that my download has failed. I kept on clicking “retry” without luck. Help! How can I fix this? – Kevin

Kevin and others have experienced this same problem with Real Downloader, and it is such a hassle when it happens. Imagine when you are very excited to download a video and after waiting for it to complete the download, it returns an error message! Thankfully, there is an alternative for Real Downloader. You can now download your videos using Wondershare AllMyTube. Wondershare AllMyTube lets you download videos easily. You can also convert these videos to other formats with just a couple of clicks. Download this alternative to Real Downloader, and enjoy viewing all the videos that you want.

Wondershare AllMyTube is available for both Mac and PC.  Once you’ve downloaded the verison of your choice, install it on your computer.

Download Win Version

Step 1 Locate videos you like

Look for the video that you want on Youtube or your preferred video sharing website. Pick the video that you want to download. What’s important is that you know the URL to the video as this is what you need to download the videos.

Step 2 Download videos in different ways

You can download the video via three different ways. Wondershare AllMyTube lets you choose the process you prefer for downloading.

You can copy the URL of the video and click the Paste URL button. Your video will automatically download after this. Just check the status to see the progress of your download.

Another option is to download the video directly, by clicking on the Download button located on the top right of the video screen.

real downloader not working

Step 3 Convert the videos if you need

Videos can also be converted upon downloading. You can convert the videos to MP4 or AVI or MPEG. You can choose the option that automatically converts videos to format that is compatbile with your Apple devices. Simply pick the videos you want to convert from the Finished library, select the format you want to convert the video to, and start the conversion process. Videos can be converted even into high-definition formats.

Note: Aside from easy downloading and converting of videos, Wondershare AllMyTube can also lift audio from videos and save it as audio files. So if you just want to get the audio track from a particular video, Wondershare AllMyTube can do it for you.  It supports popular audio formats such as MP3, WMV and other similar audio formats.

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Downloading and converting videos is as easy as 1-2-3. Download Wondershare AllMyTube and begin to enjoy the perks of quick and easy downloads. Now you can browse your video sharing sites and download any video that appeals to you.  

Download Win Version

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