Artwork Not Showing in Your Music Library? Problem Solved

It is quite common for people to transfer their music library from system to system or device to device. But somehow, during the transferring process, music artwork may be missing and will not show up in certain devices or players. Under such circumstances, most of you may miss the enjoyment with album art showing, not the generic grey icon. The fundamental thing to have artwork always showing is to embed the artwork to the music file so that the artwork can be transferred along with the music files. But how can we do that easily? Don’t worry. This is where the Wondershare TidyMyMusic for Mac (Wondershare TidyMyMusic) comes in for help. This program automatically finds artwork for all the songs in your music collection and then you can embed the artwork in just a click. Can’t wait to have a try? Let’s see a step-by-step guide below.

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1 Import your music library to the program

If you manage the music by iTunes, this program will automatically scan the iTunes library and add all the music to the file tray under Tidy iTunes when it opens.

album artwork not showing

Note: For those songs not organized by iTunes, you need to go to Tidy Music and drag the music folder to the file tray by yourself.

2 Find artworks for all the songs

Go to the header of the program to find a Scan button. Then check the box marked Search for Unidentified Songs and click the Scan button to start finding artworks for all the songs.

album art not showing up

Note: It is quite convenient to find duplicates during the scanning process. You only need to check the box of Search for Duplicated Songs and click the Scan button. Then you are to decide which music file is to remove to the trash after all the duplicates are found.

3 Embed artworks in the songs

Select one song and check its artwork in the right column. Then click the Apply button on the bottom to embed the artwork to the music file so that the artwork can show everywhere such as your iPhone. You are suggested to select several songs in a row and apply at the same time, which saves much time and energy.

album artwork not showing up

Note: If you want to change the artwork to another image, you can click the Edit icon in the right column and drag a local image to the album art area to replace the current album art.

Now your work is done. Then you can sync the music to your portable device and grab a cup of coffee to start enjoying the music with artworks. You are going to like it.

Download Mac Version Download Win Version

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