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XD Card Recovery to Recover Lost Data from XD Card

xd picture card"I went to national service with my camera. The xd card was 2GB. I took more than 500 photos, but on the last day all the recent 400 photos were gone! I was taking photo at that time, then I went to the playback function, all the recent photos I took were gone! How can I do XD picture card recovery to retrieve lost photos on xd picture card?"

Such photo loss on XD picture card should not be rare. You may suffer similar confused problems or others. For example photos may disappear for unknown reasons while uploading from xd picture card to PC, or get lost due to accidental deleting, formatting. While some other times the xd picture card becomes inaccessible in ways of card error, format error and shows no bytes. It's heartbreaking but luckily there is a way to do xd picture card recovery provided that the card is not physically damaged and photos are not overwritten.

Why is that? The explanation is simple. When you accidentally delete, format the xd picture card, or the card itself has card error and needs to format, the data is not lost forever. The data is still saved on the sectors of your XD picture card. If the card meets physical damage or you keep putting more files, there is a possibility of photo permanent loss.

How to retrieve lost photos on xd picture card with xd card recovery

With XD card recovery software, you can easily and successfully recover lost photos from xd picture card on your own. Connect your XD picture card to a computer with such photo recovery program installed, and then perform recovery.

If you are using a computer with Windows OS, try Wondershare Photo Recovery.

If you are using computer with Mac OS X, then turn to Wondershare Photo Recovery for Mac.

download-btn-win download-btn-mac

Besides photos, both Windows and Mac based photo recovery software can retrieve lost videos and music files. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to retrieve lost photos on xd card with Wondershare Photo Recovery( for Win). The steps to recover photo in Mac are quite similar.

Before starting, first connect your xd picture card to the computer and then select the target storage device (usually Disk G: or H:). Please select one of the four ways to make sure that xd card you want to scan is well connected.

xd card recovery

Step1: Select the target device, and then start the scanning process.

A list of partitions found on the drive or other storage media found by the photo recovery software will be displayed. Select the one that your lost files located. Click 'Scan' to start scanning for files.

 xd recovery

Tips: The scanning time depends on which recovery mode is selected.
You can pause or stop the scan in mid-process. For best results, you should allow the scan to complete.
You have the option to save the previous scan results for continuous photo recovery at any time without rescanning.

xd picture card recovery

Step2: Find out the files you need.

Find out the target data that you want to recover. Click 'Recover' to proceed to destination selection interface. Or click Back to return to the partition selection interface.

  • You can preview your images before recovery.
  • The scan results will be listed according to file formats.
  • Files can be sorted by name, size, created and modified date.
  • You can use file filter to search the specific files precisely and quickly.

 retrieve lost pictures from xd card

Step3: Select a destination to save the recoverable data.

  • Select or enter a directory to store the recovered files.
  • We highly suggest you select another directory which is different from the source one, in case it would eventually overwrite the source data.

xd card recovery

Tips: Back up your photos frequently to minimize the risk of picture loss. Do not simply trust xd picture card, capacious memory card, or other storage devices. Accidents can happen on any device at any time. So back-up is the best and easy way to do xd picture card recovery and other digital memory cards.

Video tutorial of xd card picture recovery

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