How to Erase/Wipe a Partition on Hard disk

Sometimes, the computer virus is more and more difficult to remove. They transmit and infect so quickly that anti-virus program can't kill them thoroughly. Then how to get a clean space for reinstalling Windows and programs and prevent it from the virus infection? If you're bothered with it and can't figure out an effective solution. You're at the right place now. This is the right article that tells you how to erase or wipe a specified partition so as to get a totally clean space.

How to Wipe/erase a Partition Completely

First, you need to get a parition wiper or eraser: Wondershare LiveBoot. This partition wiper allows you to fully erase all contents of a partition, including stubborn virus files and hidden files. Moreover, the content erased by this program can't be recovered with any data recovery solution. It gives you a purely clean partition back for new system or new data.

Step1. Burn LiveBoot into a bootable CD/usb drive

In order to make sure that this partition wiping operation will not be affected by any virus, burn this program into a bootable CD/ usb drive first.

Launch the program and you'll get the interface as follow. Insert a CD or a usb drive to the computer, and then click on the burn button. All left things will be done automatically (There is a built-in burner and no extra one is needed).

wipe partition

Step2. Boot computer from LiveBoot

Now boot your computer with the burned bootable CD/USB. Insert it to the computer and restart it. When the system begins, press F12 to get into the "Boot menu" and choose to boot from CD-ROM. Then you'll get the boot menu as follow. Click "Boot from LiveBoot". Now you're entering a totally clean and safe environment.

erase partition

Step3. Wipe a partition

After launching the LiveBoot, go to "Disk Management" and choose "Partition Wiper" under the "Wipe Data". Here you can wip all data from a specified partition. Make sure you're choosing a right partition, because the data wiped here can't be recovered in any way.

erase a partition

When the partition wiping finishes, you'are getting a pretty clean partition and can reuse it to install new system or store new data.

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