Windows 7 SSD Optimization: How to Optimize Windows 7 for SSD

If you are running Windows 7 on their SSD as a boot drive, you should know these Windows 7 optimization tweaks to get your computer stable.

  • Disable hibernation
  • Disable defrag on the ssd
  • Disable system restore
  • Disable windows reliability monitor
  • Do not disable indexing
  • … …

Windows 7 does some automatically, such as disable superfetch, prefetch, bootfetch,  and disable defrag on the ssd. Well, no matter what kind of system or hard disk you use, there will be redundancy accumulated on the computer, and you need to clean them up at intervals, to ensure a great PC performance.

When you find it runs slow and programs begin to respond slowly or even don't respond, you are supposed to perform a SSD Windows 7 optimization. You can clear junk files, registry errors, privacy info, registry redundancy, etc. one by one, and you also can choose to get them all disappeared at one time with a system cleaning tool Wondershare 1-Click PC Care, which can fix all tasks above at one time with one click, saving much time for you to do them one by one and step by step.

Download Win Version

You only need to install and run this PC care tool. It can sweep your computer automatically to get rid of useless files and harmful errors, and generate a scanning report for you to check the status of your computer.

clean up pc software

Then perform a click on the "FIX NOW" button. OK. You've optimized your Windows 7 for SSD, and you'll find it runs more smoothly.

What's more, this 1-Click PC Care offers protection for your computer security to ensure you are performing under a totally safe environment.

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