Windows 7 Startup Manager: Boot Your Computer Faster and Securer

As a computer user, having a suspicious program running on your computer is very annoying. You've never launched it, even seen it on your computer. How does it run on your computer every time when you using the computer? Then you need to pay attention to the startup of your computer. It runs slower than before, but programs listed in the Msconfig window are useful, right? Of course, suspicious programs can stay hidden from Msconfig window, so that you can't find them. To find them, you need a Windows startup manager.

Windows 7 startup management: back you a fast and secure computer

Windows startup manager: Wondershare WinSuite 2012

If your Windows boots slowly, there may be too many startup programs starting in backgroud. These programs slows down your Windows startup and rob your valuable system resources. This Windows startup management tool can optimized and boost your Windows when startup with one click. It compatible with Windows 7, XP and Vista.

Step1. Launch the Windows 7 startup manager

Launch the program and click to go to "Check & TuneUp" on the top, then choose "Startup Management" on the left side menu under the "Windows Speedup", and you'll get the interface as follow.

windows 7 startup manager

Step2. Check and Optimize your startup programs

From the "Startup Management", go to the "Startup Manager". All your startup programs will be listed as follow, including descriptions and paths. You can check them one by one. When finding suspicious programs or useless programs, you can disable them and remove them according the path.

windows 7 startup management

If you're a careful person, you must have noticed that there's a "Bootup Optimizer" option besides the "Startup Manager". You also can use it to shorten the startup time and the hard disk detecting time, which can make your computer start like flying.

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