Windows 7 Crashed (Blue/Black Screen, Freeze, Rebooting, etc.)

Untill Windows 7, Windows has become more stable as it matured, and it's really harder to fall down. However, it does fall over, and the reasons for the system crash are the same as with the XP days. It can be boot file crash, loading file crash, or random crash, and bring you a black/blue screen, screen freezing, system rebooting, etc. 

Windows 7 crashing can have many different symptoms. Behind every crash symptom, there might exist more than one cause. How to fix Win 7 crash problem? Besides reinstalling the system, there is another way to fix it and let you keep your data intact. All you need is a Windows 7 bootable CD or usb drive. If you don't have one, here is my recommendation: Wondershare LiveBoot Boot CD/USB. You can use it to make a bootable CD or usb drive for Windows 7 by yourself.

3 steps to fix Windows 7 crashes below

After purchasing this software, you'll get a download link and a license from Wondershare. Download and install it on a good-working computer, and then follow steps below to get your Windows 7 crash problem done.

Step1. Make a bootable CD/usb drive for your Windows 7

Before getting started, prepare a blank CD or usb drive (you'll use them to make a bootable disk). Run the program and insert the CD or usb drive into the computer. When getting the LiveBoot wizard as follow, choose the proper guide for you to burn a bootable CD or usb drive. All you need to do is to click on the green burning button, and your bootable CD or usb drive will be made.

windows 7 crash

Step2. Access your Windows 7 with the bootable CD/USB

Next, switch to your crashed Windows 7. Insert the bootable CD or usb drive into the computer and restart it. When the system begins to load, press F12 immediately to go to the Boot Device Menu. Then select "Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive", and you'll get a boot menu as follow. Click "Boot from LiveBoot" to get into your crashed Windows 7.

windows 7 crashes

Step3. Fix your "Windows 7 crash" problem

There are several solutions for Windows 7 crashes like boot crash solution, loading crash solution, random crash solution, restore backup solution and final solution. According to the symptoms you get from your Windows 7 crash, choose the right one to fix it.

Boot Crash Symptoms: When you start the computer, it always crashes with a black screen. You are never able to get to the Windows loading bar. You might observe error messages such as "Ntldr is missing", "error loading operating system" on the black screen.

Loading Crash Symptoms: When you start the computer, it always crashes or freezes at Windows loading bar or Windows welcome screen. You can get through the Windows loading bar, however you are never able to get into Windows. You might observe screen freezing, rebooting repeatedly, blue screen or black screen.

Random Crash Symptoms: Your Windows crashes all of sudden. After rebooting the computer, you might be able to get into Windows occasionally. However, it keeps crash randomly. You might observe blue screen or black screen.

Restore Backup Solution: If you backed up your Windows or computer using our backup tools, please simply restore your Windows from here.

Final Solution: If none of these above fits your symptoms or fix your crash sypmtoms, please use this final solution.

win 7 crash

When the problem fixed, take out of the LiveBoot CD/ usb drive, and restart your computer as normal. Then you'll find that you can boot your computer successfully as normal.

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