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Vista Won't Boot Up: How to Fix it

Vista Won't Boot

Here's a few ways you can tell Windows Vista isn't going to boot:

> When the computer will not boot up, it sounds like it is booting because the CPU fan is running and the lights are on. It can also read the CD ROM, but you can't boot it from a CD.
> Sometimes when you have a computer black screen on startup and the power switch light will be green and then turns to orange or amber. Everything is running.
> Everything seems to be running but you can't see anything on the screen, not even a flashing cursor. Your black screen in Windows has occurred before the Windows logo screen.

As to the reasons that cause your Windows Vista boot problem, there can be hundreds of. Usually, it's simple to handle it when there is an error message reminded. You can load with safe mode and try to repair it. What if there is no reminding message or the safe mode is also a dead end? At this time, a little computer maintaining skill is very useful.

How to fix Windows Vista boot issue

To fix this "Windows Vista won't boot up" problem, you need to get a reliable Vista boot disk. If you don't have one, Wondershare LiveBoot Boot CD can be a great option. This powerful computer bootable tool enables you to boot up your computer under any situation.

Get your Liveboot CD/USB here, and read on to learn how to solve your "Windows 7 won't boot up" problem in 2 steps.

Step1. Boot your computer from LiveBoot CD/USB

Insert the LiveBoot CD or LiveBoot usb drive into the computer which can't start up, then restart your computer. Before Windows loading, press F12 to go to the Boot Device Menu, and choose "Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive". Then you'll get the screen as follow. Select to boot from LiveBoot.

This LiveBoot disk offers you a purely clean and safe system. After entering it, you can repair various problems in your own Vista.

vista wont boot

Step2. Fix "Vista won't start up"

When entering the system, launch the LiveBoot program. Go to the "Windows Recovery" and find solutions from "Boot Crash Solution" in the recovery center. All the computer boot crash symptoms are described clearly here, and there are specific solutions to every symptom. You can try each of them to find the one best for your computer.

vista wont start

When the problem fixed, take out of the LiveBoot CD/ usb drive, and restart your computer as normal. Then you can boot your Vista successfully.

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my vista didnt boot with your software either, neither the cd nor the usb
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