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I am having an IBM notebook which came with vista home basic pre-installed. Using Vista disk management, I made partition on my HDD. After running for almost 6 months. my windows got some problem due to which I had to run recovery disk. After running recovery disk, although OS has been restored to original but my D: is missing. Its showing only c: to me now. I have checked in BIOS also. I am not sure whether it has merged the two drives if so. WHat about my data.

Can yopu please suggest what to do.


Rohit Takkar

There may be two kinds of situations that the D: was deleted to become unallocated space on your hard drive, or the D: was merged into your C: drive, but not along with the data, only space merged. As to the partition, it's not like single data or document, which is easy to be overwritten by new data or later operations. The partition can be found even lost quite a long time ago. Under this situation, with a partition recovery for Windows Vista, you can easily to get the missing partition back, together with all data stored on it.

How to perform a Windows Vista partition recovery?

The Vista partition recovery you need: Wondershare Data Recovery

Besides Vista, this partition recovery also can be used for Windows 7 and XP. You can download the free trial version below to scan for your lost partitions and check the data stored on them before you pay for it.

Download Win Version

If you are a Mac user, please go to Mac partition recovery.

Here let's perform the partition recovery in Windows Vista with detailed steps.

Step1. Choose a recovery mode

Install and run this Vista partition recovery on your computer. There are two modes of recovery: Wizard and Standard Mode. The Wizard is the default one, which makes you proceed by answering several questions. If you don't want this recovery mode, you can switch to the Standard Mode, which guides you to perform the work with different recovery options. The main interface of both modes are as follows.

vista recovery partition recovery partition vista

Both Standard Mode and the Wizard are quite easy to operate. Here let's move forward with the Wizard, and go to the "Next".

Step2. select file types for recovery

If you only want to find back the important files from your lost partitions, you can set the file type here to lock the target file for scan and recovery, which will save you much time. Of course, you also can select "All files" to find them all.

windows vista recovery partition

Step3. Choose partition recovery

Next you are choosing the location where you lost your data to scan. To find a lost partition, there is not an exact place any more for your choice. Please tell the Vista partition recovery that "I can't find my partitions" to let it find your lost partitions first, then move forward.

vista recovery partition

Step4. select a physical drive for scan

Here select the drive that you are about to scan the lost partition from. It can be the hard drive of your computer or the external hard drive. Then hit "Next' to begin the scan.

recovery partition vista

Step5. Select a partition for recovery

After the disk scan completes, all lost and recoverable partitions are found and listed in the scanning result. You can choose one from them to continue further data scan on it. The original parition names are not kept, and you can tell them from the size.

windows vista recovery partition

Step6. recover partition files

Now you are here to recover the lost data on the partition. If the partition is large, it'll take you a quite long time for scanning. After the scan, all the results will be automatically organized in file types. You can check them all for recovery, or get them back selectively.

vista recovery partition

NOTE: If you still remember the name of vital files, you can search the name in the filter bar to get it quickly from the file piles. Or you can use the "Filter" to set the creating date of the file to group them for better selection. Anyway, choose the way good for you and you prefer.

Download Win Version

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