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Windows Vista Hard Drive Recovery: Data and System Recovery

Maybe your Windows Vista won't boot or it could be infected with some kind of virus. Perhaps Windows Vista puts up a blue screen of death every time you execute some commands. Some tech guys will probably tell you to format your hard drive, reinstall Windows Vista and all your programs, and then restore your data. There are a lot of software available, by which you can create and restore a backup of your hard drive, but many of the old methods doesn't work in Vista, especially the 'repair install'. By booting into Vista, inserting the Windows Vista CD/DVD and selecting Upgrade Installation, you can reinstall Vista system without wiping your personal data. That is a system recovery. And Windows Vista also provides the facility to create system back up. You can easily create Windows Vista hard drive back up from Control panel -> Back up your computer option.

Part 1: How to recover data from Windows Vista Hard drive?

Whenever you meet the situation like virus or blue screen, the most important thing is your data. In this case you need to recover data from your hard drive first. Here are steps to recover data from Vista hard drive.

  1. Download Wondershare Data Recovery and install on your computer.
  2. Run the program and start with default wizard mode.
  3. vista hard drive recovery
  4. Choose which types of files you want to recover and choose location as "I can't remember".
  5. Choose Deep scan or raw file recovery as your wish.
  6. Start scanning and when the process is over, preview each file, and then choose that you want to recover and click "Recover".
  7. hard drive recovery vista
  8. Wait for the results and review on your computer.

Part 2: How to use recovery DVD to recover system of Vista hard drive?

You have replaced your hard disk or have erased all files from the hard disk and now wish to re-install Windows Vista. Follow these simple steps to use recovery disc to recover to its original state.

  • Insert Recovery DVD in the system DVD drive or if you have any external usb DVD drive you can use it as well.
  • Disconnect external devices like flash drive, printers etc.
  • Switch on the computer.
  • Adjust BIOS boot order to the first in the boot order list.
  • When you see the prompt "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD" press the spacebar to boot the system from the DVD.
  • After the "Windows is loading Files...." message, a keyboard country selection drop-down list will appear.
  • Select the UK keyboard
  • At this point the recovery environment may detect your existing operating system and offer to repair it or to restore it to a previous state if a system restore point exists.
  • windows hard drive recovery

    The System Recovery Options menu

    A complete System Recovery Options menu will be displayed (see below).

    vista hard drive recovery
  • Choose RM Windows Recovery Utility.
  • A similar window will show up.
  • Choose from one of these two options Factory Restore or User Restore options to restore the operating system.
  • hard drive recovery vista
  • Select Factory Restore or User Restore.
  • Then you will be asked if you would like a clean install. If you answer yes (recommended) the target volume will be formatted before Vista is installed on the recovery DVD. If answer is no then there may be some issues after re-installation, but your files and documents will not be erased from the operating system volume.
  • Your computer will take around 30-45 minutes. After this process, you will see that your computer will be how it was when you first took it out of the box.

    Most RM Windows Vista computers contain a special hidden recovery partition on the hard drive. This can be used to repair your current system by using the F8 key while booting.

    In Windows Vista, we can also use 'System Recovery' Option to recover the hard drive. Menu -> Type 'Recovery' in Search box -> Click Recovery Manager and follow the simple instructions to recover the Windows Vista Hard drive. The System Recovery Options menu contains several tools that can help you recover Windows from failure. You can repair the files and perform System Restore, and restore computer and system using backups that you have made previously. This will wipe out your hard drive and reload it as if it were a new laptop.

    Part3: Why does Vista Hard Drive easily lose data?

    Vista hard drive is different from other Windows hard drive. It is more easier to lose data. List out the reasons why Vista hard drive easily loses data one by one.

    1. Windows Vista tends to utilize more often (after boot up and other times during the usage).
    2. Features that drive hard drive & RAM crazy in Windows Vista like Superfetch, Search Indexer, Windows disk defragmentor, Malware Scanner etc.
    3. windows hard drive recovery
    4. Windows Vista seems to gobble up most of RAM, which is a huge concern for users.
    5. Windows Vista got very poor driver support. Vista users have expressed their concerns and annoyance over bad driver support. They are bumpier than it should have been.
    6. Vista's drive model changes have been headache to hardware manufacturer, because it requires complex development and some of them have been designed from scratch for Vista. So, some of them got bad driver support.
    7. As a part of Windows Vista's system protection feature, Vista maintains system restore points and create shadow copies, which can take up to 15% of your drive. So, you can se your drives constantly shrinking, which can result data loss.
    8. The disk thrashing's long term affects include wear and tear on your hard drive though and data loss.
    9. The problem with Vista's System Protection is that while Shadow Copies are held on all editions of Vista, the 'Previous Versions' tab is only available to Vista Ultimate and Business users.

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