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How to Boot Vista with a Windows Vista Boot Disk

Part 1:What is a Windows Vista boot disk?

A Windows Vista boot disk is a kind of removable media, like a CD or a floppy disk, which contains the startup files that can be used to boot your Windows Vista. As a matter of fact, there are those startup files stored on your computer, too. But if those startup files are broken or damaged, and your Vista can't boot up, you can use this boot CD for Vista to start your computer.

Part 2:How to get a Windows Vista boot disc?

Wondershare LiveBoot Boot CD is such a kind of program, which you can download to create a Windows Vista boot disk. It integrates with the latest WinPE 3.0 technology, and you feel like you are working under real Windows 7 environment. And also, you can surf online with Internet Explorer.

Get Wondershare LiveBoot Bootable CD/USB here

It's really easy to create a boot disk for Vista. After installing the program, launch the wizard, insert your blank CD or plug in your empty usb drive, then hit the burn button. That's all.

boot cd vista

Part 3:How to boot Vista with the Vista boot utility?

After getting the Vista boot loop, the left work takes you several minutes to boot your Vista.

Step1. Boot Vista from LiveBoot

Insert your Vista boot CD to your CD-ROM, and start your computer. Then you'll see a computer screen like below. Click "Boot form LiveBoot" to access your computer.

vista boot disk

Step2. Solve Booting Failure Problems

When Windows finishes loading files and starts, you'll find that you are under Windows 7 environment. Actually it's WinPE 3.0. Now double click LiveBoot on the desktop to launch it. Then go to "Windows Recovery", and you are at the place as below:

windows vista boot

There are various computer boot crash solutions, such as boot crash solution, loading crash solution, random crash solution, restore backup solution and final solution. On each part of the solution, there are detailed symptom descriptions and utilities to use. If the symptom is describing the problem of your computer, you can take the way it presents you to get your Vista back to normal.

No matter which solution is the right one for your computer, you only need to take two steps to complete the job, one for scan and the other for recovery. Then reboot the computer now and you'll find your Vista is back. Remember to get the LiveBoot CD out before you reboot the computer.

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