How to Undelete Files on iPod touch 4 & iPod touch 5

How can I undelete iPod touch 4 files?

I'm using an iPod touch 4 and it works fine all the time. Unfortunately I deleted all my pictures on it by a mistaken operation. Now I want them back! Is there any way? How can I undelete them? Please help me. They all are related to my little son's 1st birthday.

To undelete iPod touch file, there are two ways. The first is to undelete them from an iTunes backup. As all iOS device users know, iTunes generates a backup for every iOS device having synced with it. The other is to undelete them directly from your iPod touch itself. If you don't have an iTunes backup, or you just forgot to sync it with iTunes after you created new data on your device, the second one will be a nice option.

To undelete files directly from iPod touch, you need the help from an iPod touch data undeleting tool at first. You can get one here: Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS (Mac) or Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS (Windows). You can use them to undelete contacts, iMessages, notes, photos, video, calendar, reminders, voice memos and Safari bookmarks from iPod touch 4. Besides, they also let you undelete contacts, iMessages, notes, calendar, reminders and Safari bookmarks from your iPod touch 5.

Download the free trial version below to have a try.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Note: When you deleted data from your device without any backup, stop using the device ASAP. Setting it into the flight mode will be a good choice. Then you'll get a greater chance to retrieve your lost data.

Now, let's check how to undelete iPod touch data with the Windows version in steps. If you're a Mac user, you can do it in a similar way on your Mac.

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Step 1. Connect your iPod touch and scan it

After downloading and installing the program on your computer, run it and connect your iPod touch. The primary window shows as follows.

For iPod touch 5: Click Start Scan to directly scan it.

undelete ipod touch files

For iPod touch 4. Click Download to get a plug-in first. Then follow the description below to enter your iPod touch's scanning mode:

  1. Hold your iPod touch and click the Start button;
  2. Press Home and Power buttons at the same time for exactly 10 seconds;
  3. Release the Power button after 10 seconds, but keep pressing the Home button for another 15 seconds;
  4. When it reminds you that you've successfully entered the device's system, you can release the Home button. And the program will scan your device by itself right away.

undelete ipod touch files

undelete on ipod touch

Step 2. Preview and undelete files on iPod touch

The scan will consume you a little while. After it, you can preview all data scanned on your iPod touch, including those deleted recently and those on your iPod touch currently. You can separate them by using the slide button at bottom: Only display the deleted items, if you have a need. Then mark those you want and click Recover to save them on your computer.

undelete files on ipod touch

To avoid losing data from your iPod touch, do remember to back it up on your computer regularly.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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No, Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS is totally safe. It won't change, leak or keep record of anything on your device. The trial version is just provided for you to make sure that it can really help you. If you can't find what you want with it, you can leave it and find another way, because there is no program can say that it can help to recover lost data 100%. The trial version only wants to make a promise. But if you find it really useful and can help to find your lost data, I'm afraid that you need to purchase it to get back the data. After all, it's not free.
tried to recover one memo file. progress bar hit 99%. then .......30 minutes.....1hour....the progress bar was at 99%. Is this thing trolling my personal information. Probably sending it back to Apple because you would think Apple would have in house support like this , but NOOO. We just want you to buy stuff, we don't care if you can use it, or if it doesn't work. Just buy another one and -oh yeah- download some music or games. Oh, btw , when Wonder shred found that one file, it gave me the privilege of restoring it for $99 bucks. I know nothing is free in the but come on really?
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