Solutions after the Time Machine's Backup Failure

How to Solve "The Time Machine's backup failed!" Issue?

time machine failure

Sometimes due to the computer performance, sometimes because of the wrong operation, there is not always successful backup from the Time Machine. When you come back, there may be just a pop-up message displayed for you: Time Machine Error. At this time, you need to check whether your system preference is compatible with the Time Machine, whether the space of the hard drive used for backup is enough, or is your computer slept in the middle of the backup process? This also can bring certain affection.

If the Time Machine backup's failure caused you data loss or you just forgot to turn on the Time Machine to back up the lost files, a data recovery program is needed according to the urgency of your lost files. Here take Wondershare data recovery for mac as an example to retrieve lost files in Mac.

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How to Perform Data Recovery after Time Machine Backup Failure

This Data Recovery offers you 4 ways to recover lost files: Deleted File Recovery, Raw Recovery, lost partition recovery, and Resume Recovery. You can retrieve your lost images, videos, audio files, office documents, etc., and before recovery, you can preview PDF and HTML (HTM) document, ZIP archive and images in 5 formats, like JPG, TIFF (TIF), PNG, BMP and GIF.

Step 1 Install and run it on your Mac

As you can see from the image below, the instructions of 4 recovery modes will be displayed in the program window. To recover lost data after Time Machine backup failure, let's select "Deleted File Recovery" mode to begin.

time machine failure

Step 2 Scan the partition/volume that your files were lost from

The program will detect and show all partitions/volumes on your Mac, you only need to select the one that your data was lost from and click "Scan" to search it.

data recovery after time machine backup failure

Step 3 Recover data after Time Machime Failure

When the scanning finishes, found files on the partition/volume will be shown in the window. You can view file names or preview images to check how many of your lost files can be recovered.

Then you can select files lost after Time Machine failure and click "Recover" to save them back to your Mac

Note: To avoid data overwritten, please select a new partition/volume to keep the recovered data.

data recovery after time machine backup failure

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What is the Time Machine?

Time Machine is a backup utility developed by Apple. It creates incremental backups of files that can be restored at a later date. It allows the user to restore the whole system, multiple files, or a single file. Time Machine may alternatively be used with any external or internal volume.

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