How to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Sometimes even we are paying for high speed Internet connection, but experience slow Internet connection beyond imagination, like website browsing, files downloading, etc. Usually we tend to find the reason and try to solve this problem by trying the solutions below.

  • Solution 1: Call your service provider to check whether they are doing their job properly.
  • Solution 2: Speed up a modem connection by slowing it down.
  • Solution 3: The modem driver (or firmware for a hardware-controller based modem) may have an impact on your speed, and connection reliability.
  • Solution 4: Prevent unauthorized access.
  • Solution 5: Other devices on your phone line may impair your connection.
  • … …

However, there is also the time it doesn't work for us. Don't hurry to change your ISP or buy a more powerful computer. There is a way to speed up your Internet speed. No matter you are using Windows 7, Windows XP or Vista. To optimize related settings of your computer network, such as MTU, TCP, etc. It doesn't matter you are not the kind of computer whiz or technical expert, or even don't know these technical terms at all. You only need to install a kind of software, which can speed up Internet connection for you, such as Wondershare 1-Click PC Care. All you need to do is one click, and the rest is for 1-Click PC Care.

Download Win Version

Install and launch 1-Click PC Care on your computer. It will automatically check your PC's information step by step, including PC performance, stability and security. There will be a brief report after each step about your computer's status, and great advice is followed. You only need to browse the checking result, getting to know what kind of problems your computer has. And then click "FIX NOW" after the checking work done, to fix all those errors on your computer.

Find out how fast your Internet connection is

First, let's check the Internet connection speed of your computer. Install and launch this speedup Internet software on your PC, and then it will automatically check your PC information step by step.

speed up internet speed

The speed of your Internet connection will be displayed on the checking report. There also comes along the recommendation from 1-Click PC Care to tell you whether your Internet speed is fast or not. If your Internet speed is under the recommendation, you only need to hit the "FIX NOW" button to speed it up. Of course, if not, you also can perform this task to make your computer speed faster. It's a very easy work, right? You do one click, 1-Click PC Care does all the rest.

This is only one task that this program does for your computer. It also helps to check PC performance, PC stability and PC security, to check system service status, registry redundancy and junk files on your PC. Find registry errors, application errors and system errors for your system stability. Detect Windows security, network security and personal privacy leak on your computer, to make sure you are in a safe and stable Windows environment, and more. All these tasks are done to back you a new computer in your click of FIX NOW. That's the power of your one click.

Knowledge about how the Internet works

The Internet uses a protocol called Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) developed in the 1970s. Basically, it breaks down large files into small packets of about 1500 bytes, each carrying the address of the sender and the recipient. The sending computer transmits a packet, waits for a signal from the recipient that acknowledges its safe arrival, and then sends the next packet.

If no receipt comes back, the sender transmits the same packet at half the speed of the previous one, and repeats the process, getting slower each time, until it succeeds.

Download Win Version

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