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How to Speed Up Computer Back to its Original Pace

Most of computer users may have experienced this: the computer flies at the beginning, to bring you a high efficiency on work, while it seems tired and sluggish overtime. You are always waiting the system to respond your operations like starting up, opening files, loading websites and other tasks, which makes you suffering. Just like a fully loaded car, stconverting off the useless weight can make it run faster. But to computer, get rid of dead weight can't clear all things up. To speed up computer back to its original pace, there are more you need to do. Wondershare 1-Click PC Care software is the one that can help you do it to speed up your PC by 300% with one click. No matter you are using Windows XP, Windows 7 or Vista.

Diagnose your PC information first:

Download Win Version

After installing and launching this speed-up computer software, it will automatically check your computer information as below and display the detailed report for you. You don't need to be a computer expert. All you need to do is only one click on "FIX NOW". And 1-Click PC Care will do the left for you:

PC information checking

Display your PC's hardware information, such as CPU, memory modules, local drivers, main board, video, and network.

PC performance checking
Making sure you have the proper hardware to support Windows is critical. Then check your Windows boot time, Windows paging file size, system service status, junk files and registry redundancy on your PC, and your computer's network settings.

PC Stability checking
Find registry errors, application errors and system errors for your system stability. Check your PC's network packet loss ratio to ensure you a stable and fast network.

PC Security checking
Detect network security, Windows security and personal privacy on your PC, to ensure that you are in a stable and safe Windows environment.

Speed up computer with one click

When the checking work completed, it gives you the best advices on how to speed up your PC. You just need to browse the report, and only hit the "FIX NOW". Then it will start to tune up and repair your computer step by step, such as clean registry, remove junk files, optimize Windows startup and other settings, uninstall or stop programs which are useless and improve network settings, etc. During this process, you need not do anything.

When the fix is completed, restart your computer and you will find it start up, run programs or load website faster than before now.

In addition, if you want to undo all the changes and return your PC to an earlier status, you can directly use "1-Click PC Care Restore Center" on your desktop to restore your system files and settings.

speed up computer

What's more:

Wondershare 1-Click PC Care also offers real-time protection for your computer, to ensure your computer is running under a safe and stable environment.

  • Network Protection: Prevent your PC network away from virus attact and hijacked.
  • Windows Protection: Prevent your Windows away from malicious plug-in and make it runs faster.
  • IE Protection: Prevent your IE browser away from Internet access trouble and malicious modifications.
  • Auto-Runs Protection: Prevent your boot launch programs away from malicious modifications and computer slow.
  • Registry Protection: Prevent your registry away from malicious attacks, Trojan attacks and virus infection.

Download Win Version

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