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How to Repair Registry Errors on Computer

What the registry errors could bring?

Actually, lots of problems of the computer are caused by the registry issues, because the Windows registry records important preference and setting files for software and hardware. Many computer problems could be caused by registry errors such as:

• Blue screen
• Error Messages
• Crashes
• Slow Boot up
• System halted
• Freezes
• Sluggish Performance, etc.

How registry errors come out?

Whatever you do on the computer, the registry will record it and make some related changes according to your operations, but the changes or records sometimes are not really complete due to certain reasons, which could bring the registry issue. And you should do registry repair regularly if you have acted as below:

• Frequently install or uninstall programs
• Delete software that was never really fully "uninstalled"
• Embed Spyware or third party programs that revive themselves with each boot
• Have gone through a hardware install/uninstall
• Have unused but undeleted drivers on your system

How to repair registry errors?

You are not supposed to edit or repair registry manually if you are not so sure to do that. Misoperation could bring bigger disasters to your computer. To use a registry repair tool could be a nice choice. Generally it's also improper to take personal computer to the computer service center for repair due to the private information saved on the computer. Here let's try to repair the registry with registry repair software, and take Wondershare 1-Click PC Care as an example.

Download Win Version

Install and run the 1-Click PC Care on your computer. Then you'll find that it can automatically make a complete diagnosis for the hard drive and software on your computer, and a result summary comes along as well. In the summary, there are the diagnosis results of your computer's performance, stability and security. And the registry error has been checked and listed in the stability. From the report below, there is 1 registry error existing on the tested computer. Here what we need to do is to hit the FIX NOW button to repair it. And that's all. All registry caused problems have gone.

registry cleaner

Additionally, this 1-Click PC Care also find out other problems existing on your computer simultaneously, such as the Windows booting time, junk files, network stability, Windows security, and so forth. And all these problems are fixed along with the hit of FIX NOW, which is really simple with no skill required. Sweet!

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Mark, no explorer is needed actually. You just need to purchase Wondershare 1-Click PC Care and follow this guide to repair your computer registry.
We are running google chrome and no Ie8 or 9 what now?. Many thanks
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