How to Recover Registry Preventing Windows from Starting

Common Windows Registry errors:

Windows XP could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: WINDOWSSYSTEM32CONFIGSYSTEM

Stop: c0000218 {Registry File Failure} The registry cannot load the hive (file): SystemRootSystem32ConfigSOFTWARE or its log or alternate

If you are here, you must have encountered the registry issues as above and you are figuring out a way to fix it. Registry is generally a small database that stores configuration settings and options in Windows, which is a bit complicated and not safe for manual editing, because your system may be hurt worse for it. You must have read many articles about how to recover corrupted reigstry from Windows registry backup, here I'll simply show you how to do it.

Restoring registry from backup is the easiest way to fix the corrupted registry issues by restoring your registry file to the previous one. When boot your computer, press "F8" to get it into the "Windows Advanced Options Menu", and select "Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked)", which will bring your system configuration back to the previous good condition, including your registry. Then you just need to reboot your computer, and it will be back to normal and error messages disappear.

However, this solution does not always work and sometimes it might brings umpredictable loss to your computer. Here I have a much better solution for you. A Windows registry recovery can help, which is the best way to get your registry file back to normal as usual, and let your computer start normally.

Perform registry recovery in Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 with Windows Registry Recivery program

To recover the registry file, a registry recovery for Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 is a much better option for you. Wondershare LiveBoot CD 2012 is a safe and effective registry recovery for you. It has been proved by lots of users that it worked great on registry recovery and Windows error fixing. What's even better, escept from Registry recovery and other Windows erro recovery, it offers you an option to recover lost data from your erroed computer with ease.

This LiveBoot allows you to create it into a bootable CD or USB drive. Choose the one that availabe for you and follow the instruction on the Wizard to create a LiveBoot bootable CD or burn a LiveBoot bootable usb drive. All this only need your 1-click after downloading and install the program on your computer. If you computer can't be booted up, you can do this CD/USB creating work on another computer, then use the bootable CD/USB to boot up your computer and recover the registry file.

registry recovery

Step2. Boot your computer from Boot CD/USB

No matter you create a bootable CD or usb drive, insert it into your computer and restart the computer. At the beginning of the startup, press "F12" to get into the "Boot Device Menu" and select the "Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive". Then you well get the following "Boot Menu", please choose the first option to ask your computer "Boot from LiveBoot".

windows registry recovery

Step3. Start Windows XP recovery

After the computer gets into the bootable environment (a built-in Windows pre-installed system in the LiveBoot CD/ usb drive), you are just as in the real Windows system, and you also can work under this environment if you wish. The LiveBoot program will run automatically, enter the "Windows Recovery", and choose "Regsitry Recovery" on the left side menu. Then you can recover the registry with one click.

registry recovery one of the files

After the Windows registry recovery, push out the CD or usb drive and reboot your computer. The regitry error will disappear and computer back to normal.

Note: Don't forget to make backups for important files regularly to avoid the data loss due to any computer crash or error.

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I used the registry recovery and it completely ruined my netbook, since it copied windows2000 files on a windows xp system. Now it won't let me boot as there's obviously a registry conflict. Not happy.
Wondershare Liveboot 2012 works fine with Windows Vista. Can you please contact our Wondershare support center for help.
I got the program and did all the steps. Works great. But it doesn't let me use the Registry Recovery part on my Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit laptop because it says it's not available for Windows 7 or Vista. What's going on?
I'm sorry but Wondershare Liveboot is fully compatible with WIN7 currently. If you have any question, please contact Wondershare support center for help.
Registry backup, restore does not work with WIN 7 Ultimate for me. When I push "recover", it says: " does not support Windows 7 or Vista, Recover failed..." Its good to hava software like this, bit its useless for me...
I can't believe how ridiculously easy that was. I have Win 7 with a corrupted registry. The system would not boot and the system restore/ startup repair loop that I was getting stuck in was not working. I found the recovery media that I had made when the computer was new but decided to try this page's advice before trying to backflip through flaming hoops. I tried 'Way 1' and voila, computer fixed. I'm still in disbelief. I'll have to bookmark this page for future reference. Thank you.
Wondershare LiveBoot Boot CD works fine on Win 7. Please make sure you followed the right steps to perform registry recovery on your Win 7 computer. You can also provide us more details about your problem.
Mo Malie
Doesn't work on Win7
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