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How to Recover iPhone Data Lost after Restoring to Factory Settings

Need to recover iPhone data after restore!

My iPhone went into recovery mode after an attempt to upgrade to iOS 9. To get it out of recovery mode, I had to restore it to factory settings. However, all the data I have were lost. Is there a way to get my iPhone data back?

General speaking, when you delete data from your iPhone, it isn't gone forever immediately, but only becomes invisible and can be overwritten by any new data. As to restoring iPhone to factory settings, it's a little hard, because the data might have been overwritten during the restoring. It sounds impossible to recover data from iPhone after factory setting restore. Actually, there is still a chance. All you need is an iPhone data recovery tool. Below are the 3 simple ways to recover iPhone data after restore.

You can also check out the articles below according to the file type you need to recover:

Recover iPhone data lost after factory setting restore

iphone photo recovery after restore

* Retrieve data from iOS devices, iCloud backup and iTunes backup (including encrypted one).
* Recover iPhone contacts, messages, notes, call history, photos, video, and so on.
* Compatible with the latest iOS 9 and supports iPhone 6s (Plus)/6 (Plus)/5s/5c/5/4s/4/3GS
* Regain data lost due to deletion, device loss, jailbreak, iOS 9 upgrade or factory setting restore.

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Part 1: Recover iPhone data after restsore via iTunes backup

Follow steps below:

1. Run the program and choose "Recover from iTunes Backup File".
2. Choose the backup file from the list displayed by Dr. fone, and click "Start Scan" to get it extracted.
3. When the scan stops, you can preview and selectively recover any item you want from the scan result to your computer. It's can be done in one click.

Note: In this way, you can not only recover data existing in the iTunes backup, but also recover those deleted data, which can't be restored directly from iTunes to your iPhone.

Part 2: Recover iPhone data after restsore via iCloud backup

Follow steps below:

1. Run the program and choose "Recover from iCloud Backup".
2. Log in your iCloud account. Choose the backup file you want to download and extract it.
3. Check the backup content and tick to recover the item you want to your computer.

Note: It's totally safe to log in your iCloud account and download the backup file. Dr. fone won't keep any record of your information and data. The downloaded file is only saved on your own computer and you're the only one to access.


Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS - Recover iPhone/iPad Data in 3 Ways

  • Recover iPhone data by scanning your iPhone, extracting iTunes and iCloud backup files.
  • Preview and selectively recover what you want from iPhone, iTunes and iCloud backup.
  • Fix iOS to normal without losing data such as recovery mode, bricked iPhone, white screen, etc.
  • Selectively backup and restore WhatsApp conversations on your iOS device.
  • Backup and export iOS device data selectively to your computer according to your need.
  • Fully compatible with iOS 9, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro, and all other iOS device models.

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Transfer contacts, text messages, call logs, calendar, photos, music, video, apps and app data between iPhone, Android, WinPhone, Nokia (Symbian) phones and BlackBerry – in one click!

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Hello I did not have my iphone 5S backed up to I cloud nor I tune is there anyway to recover the lost texts and photos
By the way, Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS can also help us fix the ios to normal. So before we have to restore the iPhone to fix it, we can try use Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS to fix the iOS without losing data first.
Hi Shante, since the phone is restored, when you use DrFone for iOS to scan the phone directly, the files can be recovered are very limited. If you don't have iTunes or iCloud backup for your files recently, I am sorry we don't have other solutions to recover the files again. As to Whatsapp backup on iPhone, if you have enabled the backup feature, normally it will backup the whatsapp message and contacts to iCloud automatically. After you install whatsapp on your iphone, enter your phone number on whatsapp, you will have the option to restore from backup.
is my data lost because i really need it back ?
My Iphone 5s had problems switching on with just the apple logo showing for a long time. After being advised to take it to the apple store i guess my iphone was restored however all my content disappeared. However i've plugged my phone into itunes to download music and all my music and voice memos are on itunes but isn't on my phone? all my notes and images are gone. The Dr Fone service is only showing the back up i apparently made in june. All my important content is gone my whatsapp backup shows that it backs up my messages monthly but my current messages aren't there. I NEEED HELP PLEASE !!
Hi, if there is no backup for your files, the data can be recovered directly from iPhone 5s after restore is very limited. You can download the trial version of Dr.Fone for iOS to scan your device for a try.
i lost everything after restoring my iphone 5s and click no backup is there a way to back up all my stuff?
Hi, if your iPhone is 4S or newer generations, I am sorry we don't have any method to recover the lost photos directly from the device yet. If it's 4 or 3GS, you can try to use our program to scan the device and recover the photos.
Hi, My iphone has been restored and all data is lost. There are some holiday photos haven't been backed up on icloud nor itune. Anyway to recover them back?
As to this case, since the iphone is restored, the files which can be recovered directly from the device is limited. Please try to recover from iCloud or iTunes backup. If you do have backed up the files before, the program will detect the backup files.
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