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How to recover files from a formatted Hard Drive?

Hard drives are delicate devices. Although they appear as tough hardware devices, a little carelessness can cause a hard disk to malfunction or worse, stop functioning altogether. While the reasons for data loss in hard drives are mostly physical, sometimes they are also due to a mere human error. For example, formatting a hard drive without having a backup can result in the loss of precious data collected over the course of years. With the increase in digitization of data, literally all of our memories, our important emails and all the personal information is stored in our hard drives, therefore, such a format can be unaffordable especially when you don’t know how to get all that data back.

Is Data still Recoverable after formatting a Hard drive?

Yes, data recoverable after formatting a hard drive. This is due to the reason that operating system, by default does not delete all user deleted files temporary. Rather, these files are kept for some time and are deleted once the operating systems needs to make space for more recently deleted files. Until then, these files stay in the memory and can be recovered using any data recovery tool. So, if you have accidently formatted a hard drive, you have some time to sort things out. Utilize this time to get your hands on an efficient data recovery tool like Wondershare Data Recovery software to aid you in the process.

Things to do before recovering a formatted Hard drive?

There are some things that should be kept in mind if you are planning to recover data from a formatted hard drive. This article stresses on all the dos and don’ts as the success of the data retrieval depends on these simple precautions.  Therefore, to recover data from a formatted hard drive, you will need to do the following things:

  1. Take care as to not anything on the hard drive that you want to recover the files from. This is to make sure that the operating system does not delete the deleted files permanently.
  2. Get a hold on a data recovery software. There are many good options available out in the market but we recommend using Wondershare Data Recovery software owing to its wide range of compatibility and supported file types.

how to recover formatted hard drive?

Wondershare Data Recovery is a useful data recovery tool for both beginners and experienced users. As the name indicates, Wondershare Data Recovery can help users retrieve lost data or files. It can recover files that have been deleted accidently or those that have been lost due to the formatting of a hard disk. Moreover, it can recover files that may have been deleted due to viruses. Wondershare Data Recover offers support for more than 550 file types which makes it a handy data recovery tool. Wondershare Data Recovery can be downloaded from .

Download win version Download mac version

  1. Download and install Wondershare Data Recovery software on your laptop or computer. Launch Wondershare Data Recovery once the installation is complete. You will automatically be forwarded to the Wizard mode which even lets you select the kind of data that you want to recover. Select the file types that you want to recover according to your need. If, however, you need all kinds of data recovered, simply select “All File Types” and hit “Next”.
  2. Wondershare Data Recovery will now ask you for the location where the data might have been before you deleted/lost it. Choose suitable option from the list of provided ones or simply select “I can’t remember” if you’re not sure about the location. Click “Next” to proceed.
  3. Next, Wondershare Data Recovery will ask you to select a scan type based on your preferences. Select the “Enable Deep Scan” as it recovers files lost due to format more efficiently. This scan may take some time, so don’t panic. Sit back, relax and let Wondershare Data Recovery do its magic.
  4. When Wondershare Data Recovery is done scanning your hard drive for lost files, it will preview all the results for you. You can then choose the desired files that you want to recover eliminating the need for retrieving a huge amount of unwanted data. Simply select the files that you want to recover and hit “Recover”.

Download win version Download mac version

The right way to format a hard drive

There is only right way to format a hard drive; all you have to do to make sure that the formatting is done right, and that you do not lose any data, always use a backup tool to back up all of your data to an external hard drive before formatting your hard drive. This way all of your data will remain safe and you will not have to go through the trouble of recovering it afterwards.

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