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How to Recover Deleted Files from Windows 7

1Can I Recover Deleted Files from Windows 7 Computer?

Hey everyone, I have a computer runs Windows 7 and I accidentally deleted some important files D: drive. Unfortunately I have already deleted them from the trash bin as well. Is there anything I can do to restore them from my Windows 7 computer? Those documents and images are really important for me. Many thanks.

Normally you can recover deleted files from Windows 7 recycle bin if you haven’t cleared yet. If deleted files are not in recycle bin, you can still restore them. Actually, deleting or formatting won’t erase the data from Windows 7 computer. The deleted files are still stored in your computer’s drive and they are just mark as inaccessible data by system. As long as they haven’t been overwritten by new data on your computer, you can possibly recover files with Windows 7 deleted file recovery software.

Take Wondershare Data Recovery as an example, this program helps you to recover deleted files from Windows 7 in an easy and risk-free way. The tool is able to scan your Windows 7 computer to look for accidentally deleted data. The powerful recovery feature of the utility enables you to recover all kinds of deleted files from your Windows 7 computer, including videos, pictures, documents, audio files, emails, etc. Besides, if files are formatted or corrupted on your Windows 7 computer, you can use this program to restore them too.

Download the trial version of the program to recover deleted data from Windows 7 computer now!

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2Recover Deleted Files from Windows 7 in 3 Steps

First thing first: since lost data can be overwritten easily by new data on your computer’s drive, you’d better stop using your Windows 7 computer or at least do not do any operation on the drive where your files were deleted from. Plus, please do not install the program on the original drive of your deleted files too.

Step 1. Select a recovery mode to begin Windows 7 deleted file recovery

Launch Wondershare Data Recovery on your Windows 7 computer and you’ll see a window with 3 recovery modes.

To recover deleted data from Windows 7, let’s select “Lost File Recovery” mode to start.

recover deleted files from windows 7

Step 2. Scan the partition/drive where files were deleted from Windows 7 computer

All partitions/drives on your Windows 7 computer will be displayed in the window. Select the one you are going to recover deleted files from and click “Start” to begin scanning files on it.

windows 7 deleted file recovery

Step 3. Recover deleted files from Windows 7 computer

After scanning, found files on your Windows 7 computer’s drive will be categorized in “Path” and “File Ty[e”, you can view file names to check how many of deleted files can be recovered.

Then you can select files you want and click “Recover” to save them to your Windows 7 computer.

Note: To prevent recovered data from being overwritten, you’d better keep the recovered files on another partition/drive on your Windows 7 computer.

recover deleted data from windows 7

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