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how to recover data from a damaged hard drive

How to tell if the drive is damaged saving important files

There are tens of thousands of signs that pop up as soon as the hard drive is beyond repair. A user in this regard needs to make sure that the hard drive is not only replaced ASAP but the important files are also saved which is in fact the need and the demand of almost % users who want their drives to get changed. Getting hard drive in proper order is something that is the need of the hour as it acts as a central hub for the computer upon which its life and all the other functions depend. Following are some of the signs which ensure that the hard drive is getting dead and the replacement should be done:

  1. The computer slows down and the blue screen of death appears even if the installation is done recently the issue means that the hardware is failing continuously which is related to hard drive in almost 95% of the cases.
  2. If the data is getting corrupted when the files have been installed without any error or the issue is faced in the form of file disappearance then the user should seriously think about the hard drive change as it is the cause behind this problem.
  3. Bad sector ratio increase is another sign that is related to the hard drive failure. It means that the issue is getting worse and the data integrity is not being preserved by the drive. While the diagnostic can be run for this the bad sector identification is a sign to worry about.
  4. Strange sounds come out of the hard drive sometimes when the PC or the laptop is turned on. A specific sound in this regard is also known as the click of death and it is one of the reasons which lead to hard drive change and can be regarded as a sign of hard drive becoming dead soon.

If the important files are saved on to the memory then the data can be saved by following any of the following steps as there are chances of getting the data back from a damaged hard drive as well:

  1. The user should make sure that the dead or damaged hard drive is examined after proper information has been gathered in this regard.
  2.  There are many data recovery software programs which make sure that the bad hard drive is recovered and the important data is saved. The user can install and run any such program.
  3. If both of the above resolutions fail then it is recommended to get professional help so that the problem is resolved with expert hands.
  4. Most of the recovery software programs are embedded with the S.M.A.R.T data analysis this data is automatically maintained by the OS onto the hard drive. When the hard drive is analyzed by the connecting it to the other port of the PC then the data is read and can be saved. In other words the S.M.A.R.T data software installed on other system also helps the external hard drives to recover and get the data saved.

Wondershare Data Recovery

It is one of the best software programs that could be used to make sure that the data from a dead or finished hard drive is recovered in a manner that suits the users. This program has been developed for the users of both advance level and the ones that are novice in the world of computers. It is also to be noted that the best is provided to the users as the data recovery can be 100% sure when this program is used. With state of the art and easy features Wondershare Data Recovery makes sure that only few clicks are done in this regard and the data is recovered promptly. The wizard mode or the file recovery option is one of the best features which can be used without any hassle and it is one of those properties that are not only praised by the users but none of the competitors of Wondershare are offering such solutions. The program makes sure that the data is recovered from both IDE and SATA hard drives hence it is compatible with all the major brands that are available in the market. The file types that are supported by the program are pictures, PDF, office files and all the important documents a user can think of. It makes sure that data recovery is done without and ling steps hence this program is one of the best according to the user rating.

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File recovery mode (Wizard mode)

This is the easiest step that has been embedded within this program and it is really easy to use. Following are some of the steps that should be followed to make sure that the needful is done:

  1. As soon as the program is launched the wizard or the file recovery mode appears where the next button is to be pressed:
  2. The user then needs to make sure that the file type is selected in this regard:
  3. After selecting the deep scan and the location from where the files are  to e recovered the program will run on its own and will recover the lost files with ease and satisfaction of the user:

Raw data recovery function

It can also be regarded as a feature that has been embedded within the program for all those users who are of advance level. To make sure that the process is done in the best manner following are the three important steps that are to be followed:

  1. When the program is run the user needs to select the Standard Mode > Raw file recovery:
  2. The user then needs to select the partition from where the recovery is to be made:
  3. In this step the user needs to make sure that the appropriate location is selected for the file saving and the recover button is pressed to make sure that the process is completed. It is also recommended to never save a file to the same location where it was lost:

Download win version Download mac version

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